Zebra Armour, Silvia Fusetti (3D)


Title: Zebra Armour
Name: Silvia Fusetti
Country: Italy
Software: Photoshop, XSI

This is a part of a work ordered by a graphic studio that had to create an Italian television printed advertising.
They gave me the photo of the posed zebra and my task was to create a 3d armour over her.
The 3d model is made by Gabriele Sina.
For this armour 4-5 working days (camera matching, modelling, lighting, shading, texturing, image final retouching)

Here you have:

camera matching and starting photo,

full resolution 3d armour,

Medium resolution 3d armour


very cool !:thumbsup:
good job!
4 *


wonderful image! I like the “idea” a lot, and the armor is very well modeled and textured. Great work:)


nice subject and well done !:thumbsup:

you warrior in your gallery is great !


…is just as amazing as your other project! I’ve never seen a Zebra look so ruthless and warlike, great work on the texturing and lighting! And your modeler is amazing and inspiring.


Hi Silvia ,
A great work, which this doing, I see that l’ armor of its horse this
fact of the same material that the one of its rider. You have a great
talent, thanks to offer a little to us.


super zebra! Cool!

The armor is very lifelike texture, details very well. But some parts of the UV is quite obvious that the tensile.

keep it up!4*from me


Nice! The armor and the zebra look fantastic! I love the zebra’s wrinkles on the inner legs!


You could have been a master metal smith in the old days!

fantastic work my friend, lovingly crafted details


great attention to detail! They really appear to have mass!



really awsome armor u show here…
great metrial and texture:thumbsup:


4 stars!

the only thing that is bothering me, isn’t there suppose to be that things at the side where the rider puts his feet in?

but still good, love the texturing and it fits well, great job


Nah thats were duct tape comes into play. :smiley:

fantastic texturing, lighting, and modeling. I really like the feel of that armour on the zibra…
Ps. AMAZING zibra modeling.


Hi silvia , fantastic work, i like, excellent detail and great metal texture.


Very good work!


Great work! 5 stars


Amazing!I love the details especially!
Feels Sooooooo Good!


excellent , very original ideas , i like the realisation too


Yes, amazing work. You really pulled off the 3D image of the 2D very well. It looks as if was on the zebra originally. I also really like the detail of the metal very well done.


Wow … Awesome work … :eek: can you please post a wire for the armor ?