ZClassroom with Scott Eaton


Few people today know the human form better than [[b]Scott Eaton[/b]](http://www.scott-eaton.com/). A serious artist, his studies have taken him to the MIT Media Lab and even the prestigious Florence Academy of Art. I had the pleasure of seeing his presentation at the Pixologic booth during last year's SIGGRAPH, where I was impressed by the meticulous approach he takes to the human figure. Actually, "amazed" would be a better term. His techniques truly fuse the best of today's technology with the lessons of the old masters.
His knowledge is in high demand. [b]Scott's[/b] consulting clients inlcude such well-known names as [i]Pixar, Sony, Miscrosoft Game Studios, The Mill, Double Negative...[/i]. Today we are extremely pleased to be able to bring you our newest installment of the "Artists in Action" series, featuring [b]Scott[/b].
Be prepared for some seriously challenging instruction! This lesson is project-based, with [b]Scott [/b]leading you on a course of study inspired by "Milon de Crotone", a masterpiece by 18th century artist [i]Edme Dumont[/i]. Yet this is just the first part, "Studying from Reference"! Future installments in the series will continue with "Studying from Life" and "Working from the Imagination". In short, you're getting a crash course in what [b]Scott[/b] has spent a lifetime mastering.
So head on over to [[b]Scott's ZClassroom Section[/b]](http://www.pixologic.com/zclassroom/artistinaction/scotteaton) and start learning. 

You’ll never look at the human form the same way again!
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I will spend some quality time with this material. Thanks for the link!!




thanks !!!


Thanks for these, very useful


I’m amazed you can remember all the muscle groups. Very inspirational, even for 2D artists.


I have been following Scott’s work ever since i read this tutorial about a year ago. This was the most technically and artistically informative lesson on figure sculpting that I have seen.
For those who enjoyed this, I recommend watching this Gnomon Sculpting DVD.



Definitely check out his web-site too. Excellence incarnate.


Very nice! :thumbsup:


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