ZBrush upgrade offer?


I stopped C4d at R21 because at the time Maxon’s incentive offers to switch to subscription required giving up perpetual license entitlements. I also have perpetual licenses for Redshift and several RedGiant products (that are useless now because they do not work with current Adobe products). The 50% ZBrush offer is far more generous than the incentives that were given for Cinema 4D perpetual and later RedGiant products but I worry about the impact this will have on my R21 and Redshift perpetual licenses.


Can you link to the offer you’re wanting to take up ?
Can’t see anything on the Maxon site.
The ‘offers’ to turn your permanent licence in for a one-off subscription discount were pretty bad, I thought. Had I wanted to go subscription I would have just started a new subscription & kept my permanent licence as well.
As it was, I stayed permanent & swallowed what was basically a big price hike for some of the weakest Cinema releases in recent years. No winning answer there.


Providing a link is difficult as it is personalised to my Pixologic account.

Basically, everyone with a valid ZBrush license will have got the email and have until the 5th of August to take it up.
Maxon’s handling of the transition to subscription was shockingly bad, which is why I am a little apprehensive about this offer. I did not like losing access to Cineversity and the very useful ToolKit.
I’m not a fan of subscriptions but they are here to stay for as long as the enterprise tax incentives are there to encourage them. For Indies and Boutique studios they are a disaster.


Probably asking a silly question but why would a Subs offer for ZBrush affect your perpetual licences for R21 and Redshift?

Personally, I wouldn’t trade in a perpetual license for any discount I’d keep the perpetual license and start a new subscription. If ZBrush development slows to a crawl, like Redshift did, then falling back to a perpetual license is possible then you have the option of subscribing when there’s a new feature you need for a particular job. Subscriptions give you no options.


Because the offer is to get Maxon One not just ZBrush.
Previously to get the special offer to move to subscription you had to give up your perpetual entitlement (C4D)
There is no information about the cost of upgrading perpetual licenses of ZBrush only the Cost of subscrip[tion and a rather inflated cost for a new perpetual license. Getting Maxon One is also a kind of lockin to Adobe subscriptions too as hardly any of the RedGiant stuff is OFX.


Gotya, I see.

It’s all a bloody mess. It all looks like unnecessary levels of screwing the end user to me. Thank F for SideFX, Affinity and Blackmagic.

I did have to smile, a reasonably well known face in the mograph community ragged me out a couple of years ago for complaining about subscriptions, he said if I was a professional I should be easily able to afford them. I saw a tweet from him a few weeks ago on Twitter complaining about subscriptions and lack of development…LOL. Very apposite.


I stopped C4D at R21 too. After 20 Years of using and loving C4D (I starts on Amiga)… I think the zbrush version 2022.05 will be our last version… Use the time and download the Installer for your next computer. I stopped MAYA at V 2014 . I like to buy my software and work offline for unlimited time. Working online with rent software is not my way. Its time to work with blender ;-(


Maxon, to my knowledge, has never earned so much money as in recent years so clearly the overwhelming users base disagrees or if they do they continue to sign up regardless.

I’ve long reconciled my hate of subscription software and will use it if necessary though I have yet to find any subscription software that can’t be replaced with perpetual licensed software or open source equivalents. The dam has burst and subscriptions are a thing nowadays and we just have to live with it.

People should really focus on value for money and whether your subscription or annual upgrade represents good value for money or not. I concluded some years ago that Maxon was not providing good value for money with the upgrades and I continue to believe that as since C4D remains largely the same poorly performing application it has been for the last decade just with a few more inconsequential bells and whistles.

Personally, I simply could not co back to navigating production scenes at < 1 fps ever again and the thought of dealing with that again is anxiety inducing. C4D could be a wonderful application if it had anything close to the performance of Houdini or even Blender but it doesn’t and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of that particular tunnel. It’s like a hypercar with a detuned 2 stroke engine. This is what’s stopping me using C4D not subscriptions.

To continue with the car analogy, everyone’s mileage varies.


Having received the same email, I contacted Maxon support for clarification.

You will still retain your perpetual license for ZBrush - final version available to you is 2022.5.
You’d simply be taking out a subs either for ZBrush in isolation or the full Maxon One suite, but at a discount of 50% for the first 12 months. Thereafter, it would renew at the full cost.

I have retained both a perpetual C4D R20, and will of course have the latest ZBrush regardless. I also have a perpetual Redshift until June 2023, But I do also have a C4D subscription since R23, despite not really wanting to go down that path, as I saw benefit in the additional character animation tools added at that point.

My C4D is going to cost me around £650 for the next years subscription, or I can take the whole Maxon One for £598 for a year, which I will then either decide to cancel for just C4D and Redshift (since no perpetuals will be available for RS again as far as I am aware) or renew the full suit at roughly £1200!

So for me at least, I may as well grab the Maxon One offer for the 12 months, since it’s cheaper than C4D alone and see if it’s worth it moving forwards.


In the end, I decided that it is not a good deal for me. While I know first-hand that subscriptions make very little sense for Indie / boutique-sized businesses. I have subscriptions for Substance + Creative Cloud, and on top of that of my primary MCAD suite, which is also a subscription. So a further subscription that also ties me to the Adobe CC Subscription is a bit much. I am just about to can Substance and Adobe CC which will leave me in a much better place with just my CAD software as a subscription which is much harder to replace with a perpetual alternative.
I could probably do it (Rhino and Alibre or ZW3D) but I have no idea how well they will round trip with sculpts from ZBrush or 3D Coat.

edit. There are so many subscriptions that it is literally hard to read. Sigh!
Yeah the takeaway is that the world and its economics is changing for the worse so even if it costs more money now, it is better to ditch subsciption looking forward.


Yes, if you’re tied to Adobe and Maxon (with Insydium and other plugins) it must be a continual stream of email notifications that someone needs paying for the next year. Jeez no to that level of subscription.

As the World Economic Forum claims, ‘You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.’ Maybe not the happy part…


Also here, still on C4D 21.

I always wanted to learn ZBrush, and never did.
And now, I’m almost glad I didn’t, it would have been a sad day seeing that it finished in the Maxon’s bucket.

I can now start fresh with 3d Coat, what a piece of software! By the way, my trial has ended, but 3d Coast keeps functioning for learning purposes, just what I needed! (of course, I can’t export). Don’t know of any other software that does that.