ZBrush on CGS Store - Cheapest deal anywhere


Hi guys,

We’ve added Pixologic ZBrush to the CGProShop. In addition to our competitive discount, CGS members get an additional 5% discount making it the cheapest that you can buy ZBrush (as far as I know).





Brilliant :slight_smile:


Sorry, stupid question coming up (I’ve only just joined CGSociety), is the ZBrush deal available worldwide? I only ask because I remember there was a Painter offer that was only available to North America.


Very cool i’m going have to jump on his deal really soon. this is brilliant!!


Yeah it is but you have to buy it from our store. The problem with the other deals was that they were third party specials. This is our own special.


I actually found a cheaper deal on Zbrush here: http://www.trinity3d.com/home.php?cat=291

$449.00 -CD
$479.00 -Box set

  • only $7 shipping(the cheapest). For US residents this is great. I don’t know what the shipping costs are internationally however. So I can get the complete boxed set for $486, $3 less than the retail price on Zbrush’s site even for the download version.

The $34 shipping cost from Australia is a killer :stuck_out_tongue:


First page, right side.

441.15 for the boxed version.



Fantastic, I jumped on it!:bounce:


Glad I decided to look at this thread, now I know where to get the best price for this software. I actually looked at the Trinity site and the bundle deal is great at $569 to get the boxed version and two instructional DVD’s, this is an excellent deal.


Really good news as the company I work for is about to purchase a few copies…

But you have sold out of boxed versions?

So when are you getting some more in and I suppose is it actually worth the extra for the Boxed version over the just CD version?

cheers in advance :slight_smile:


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