Zbrush 4r8: Is there any way to disable the left click on background navigation?


Is there any way to disable the left click on background navigation in ZBrush 4r8? I would like to exclusively use the right click navigation. Having the background navigation makes it unbearably frustrating to sculpt anything on the edges on the mesh. Whenever I try to click near the edge to use the move brush it rotates the whole view and i have to reset to continue sculpting. If there isn’t a way to disable left click navigation, is there any way to reassign what left click does or what needs to be pressed to navigate in the background?


There is a way to Disable right click navigation but i dont see for left…
If you go to Preferences - Interface - Navigation the option would be there. I know it’s the left click you want to get rid of but just in case.
Background navigation never bothered me. When sculpting/moving near the edge check where your cursor (the circle) is facing. Your cursor will rotate depending on where the normal is facing.


Thanks for the reply. I’m starting to get used to too, but I still find it frustrating to always have to be careful about watching the cursor. If there was actually a small buffer of a few pixels around the model it would be just about perfect.


if your rotating it throws it out of alignment you could try this instead.

hold the ALT key down and if you click the background it will move the object not rotates it,
when it MOVES it wont throw it out of alignment like rotates does.
you will need to release the ALT key when your trying to pull on the mesh.
alt key inverts the action.

this maybe better see below,

under >document>zap link >cust 1
this will allow you to store and recall your object in the original position it was stored at.
if you move or rotate the object by accident you can press cust 1 again to get back the position it was stored at…

1 to store position press cust 1 it will turn orange
2 if you move or mess some thing up press cust 1 again


I think we are all avoiding the real issue. Having one mouse click command for two action is not good ergonomics The movement when sculpting on the edge is annoying and wastes a lot of time. It messes with the user interface experience. Annoying, makes me not want to use the software. It’s like being forced to color inside the lines -not a bad idea , but I don’t want to be forced to do it.

How difficult would it be to disable left click navigation and solely use right click navigation? This is extremely helpful for users coming from Maya. Most packages can use the alt right click format or at least allow changes to the preferences. Making both right and left clicksnavigation does not solve the problem. We should be able to choose from the two- not just add another click option.

Why the resistance to change/conform? How long did it take Pixologic to add the Standard gizmo? I have been working in digital mediums for over 20 years and having to retool and relearn every new piece of software that comes out. I love Z brush, but it is quirkey for no reason.

There are some navigation, selection conventions that are becoming standard . Being different for the sake of being different is just more post-modernistic baloney.

C’mon Pixologic, allow us to disable left click navigation! It is such a small ask.

  • and while you are at it you could support the 3D spacemouse.