Zbrush / 3d coat workflow


Hey everyone. Looking for some guidance. Is there an efficient workflow to get from high rez zbrush to 3d coat. 3d coat seems to really struggle with them. I own both but working with them is just a hobby after work. If I can find an efficient method I could enjoy it more.

If there is better software that I can use to just paint in 3d I’d appreciate that input as well.

I struggle with zbrush as it doesn’t seem to have layering, blend modes and such …that I know of.

Thank you.


Substance Painter is a great program for painting models. Not sure how it would handle a high rez ZBrush sculpt though. You might want to Decimate your model before taking it into Substance, or even 3DCoat for that matter. I bought 3DCoat for it’s painting tools before I looked at Substance Painter. I wish I would have bought Substance instead.

Try using Decimation Master to get a lower rez version of your ZBrush model and then take that into 3DCoat for painting. http://pixologic.com/zbrush/features/decimation/


Thank you, I’ll try both of those. Appreciate it very much.