Zbrush 2018 HD Geometry


Hey there,

I just checked the changelog on Zbrush 2018 and noticed a new feature that kind of flew under the radar: Its now possible to use HD geometry as he highest subdivision level for displacement map creation!
When I first met HD geometry, I was quite excited, but as soon as I discovered, that it could only export from the highest level below the HD geometry, it was clear that I could not use this in production, but only for concepting.

Now this seems possible. I haven´t gotten the chance to upgrade that, so I wanted to know, if any of you tried out this new feature and if so, how well it works…

  1. I´m guessing export times must be pretty insane?
  2. Does this also work with udims, like with non-HD-geometry?
  3. I kind of forgot, but does HD geometry also work for polypaint?
  4. I also forgot…can you also use symmetry with HD geometry?


damn, really? I did not notice that. But is there any practical use on HD geomtery even with that? Its just something cool imho :confused: Even u have crazy hundres millions poly, when u bake it down even on a 16K map, its around 256mil poly right? If u got a decent PC and polygroups i think u can still live with that amount of poly