Zaulta's Sketchbook


I’m having trouble replying to topics and idk where to get help : ^). there isn’t a reply button visible for me and when I try to reply to things or post new topics it says I’m not permitted to view the requested source.

Intro : )
I’m 16 years old and I’ve been practicing drawing for the past 2 years, but more seriously for the past year and a half everyday. Right now, my main focus is learning anatomy, perspective, form, and taking my first steps into digital and on the side I’m trying to build up my visual library (because it’s really an empty bookshelf) and attempting to draw from imagination when I can. I want to be in the art industry in the future, so any comments are welcomed :>.

I posted on conceptart for the past 2 years almost everyday , but it’s been down for the past two weeks and I doubt it coming back : (. I’ll try to post whenever I can on this forum though : ).

Here’s some progress shots from the past two years lol:
May/June 2017 - started to draw, but drew on and off : ^)

July 2017 - did my first istebrak 14 day challenge, helped me get a much better understanding of the face (day 1 to day 14)

September 2017 - A not very good one trick pony (fanart of Zoro from One Piece)

January 2018 - started to take art more seriously and started to post my drawings online

June 2018 - redraw of the first painting from last year and a drawing of my friend’s character

August 2018 - An attempt at a 3/4 view, before and around this time I was doing the 250 box challenge thing and lines, didn’t think I learned anything from it at all tbh

September 2018 - Another redraw of the zoro fanart thing from last year, the school year just started and this was when I started to know how to learn I think

November 2018 - Did a self portrait from the mirror for self portrait day, this took so long to do @_@

January 2019 - Started to pay a lot more attention to form and such

April 2019 - started to bring my sketchbook to school and tried be a creep drawing the other students around me (even though people move so much) and the other picture is from a sketch topic from a group, so I decided to draw mulan

Also did another self portrait that month from the mirror - it was so much faster and more accurate also

May 2019 - I’ve been learning perspective from Scott Robertson’s How To Draw Book for past few months maybe?

June 2019 - more sketches of classmates before summer break and a birthday present for a friend (a scene from Killing Eve)

July 2019 -
Did a fanart for Tanjiro from Demon slayer. Also tried to apply what I was learning from Scott Robertson into designing a spaceship and I don’t really know how to design a space ship and my perspective still needs work </3. These were from about two weeks ago.


Hope you guys enjoy my stuff : ).