Your Ultimate Cast....


Just thought we could have some fun here. :wink:
Lets say you have an unlimited budget to create whatever film you wish. You can hire 4 A List actors…who would you hire, and for which character?

Hugh Laurie as my main antagonist. The guy is an absolute genius, and I honestly wish he would get involved in more films. He has such incredible presence, and I think could pull off a ‘Heath Ledger’ style bad-guy performance!

Robert Dinero would be in my film, but as a secondary character. I think his extreme subtlety can be relied on to push a story forwards, without overwhelming the screen.

Samuel L Jackson…as another antagonist. He is just always cool, and seeing him ‘bad’ is always good!

Finally, for a protagonist, Ellen Paige. I would just love to see these overpowering screen presences trounced by a petite young girl! She has some major acting chops, and a dry wit that I just love.

So theres my ideal cast! Whats yours? :wink:



Nice topic, I dont know though these A list actors can really be a pain heh. For the sake of fun though ill sacrifice my beliefs :p. Hugo weaving would be my villain i mean agent smith ok, no comment.

Now for our hero i would probably pick Danny Devito supporting him with Joe Pesci hah… that would be a duo to remember.

Btw hugh was an excellent choice for a hero i like him too. thats it ill go scout some more now :slight_smile:


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