"Your last blog entry was January 01, 1970"


Just a quick FYI on this. Its not a bug (at least not a serious one.)

Unix/Linux puts that in a date field when no information hasn’t been added to it yet. So, when you see “Your last blog entry was January 01, 1970”, that means you haven’t added a blog entry yet so it put that date in its place as a ‘filler’.


I don’t know about last blog entry but when I signed up this morning I found out I was born in 2000. That’s better than what the after midnight Infomercials promise.


And apparently I’m a female. Who knew?


just tested out to put some simple html code to display a header, which seems to be impossible…
but also javascript isn´t working…
if this blog thing should be a little interresting, it should at least have the basic features of html-coding, so that members can personalize their blog as a recognizable news-station…

just thought i might suggest this,
comments are appreciated.





glad i’m not the only one being mis-taken :scream:

yeah, corrected that one pretty swiftly :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use bbcode - allowing html means that people can break the pages, likewise javascript.


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