You have the story :- where to start


Somebody I know has a great true story it involves governments , spooks , abductions , the lot ! . He’s not a writer but I thought it would make a great film and he’s keen to progress this further …

Where should he start ?


pencil and papers or maybe recorder …

it sure helps …


That sounds like a great senario. Is it filtered down to a great story as well?

I recommend a mind-mapping session. Get all the characters, places, events plotted down with adjectives and associations… use this to make sure you’ve got a tight thread to hang your story on and only as much parallel sub-story as the format allows.


Is it written? Tell him to put it on paper if its not. If it is, tell him to write it again… then again… then again… Then he should put it in script format if he plans on making it into a film and then write the script again… and again… and again etc… The more times you write it the more ways you can see it working… or not working.
Really it depends how far in development it is.
If its not ready to be written… Research… lots and lots…


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