Yokohama "Must See"


From looking at the travel website, it seems like there is a lot to see. I was hoping that the people from Yokohama could tell us “out-of-towners” the things we ABSOLUTELY must see. May prioritize them with numbers (ie. 1. Something a visitor has to see. 2. Another place that may not be as important as the first but still really awesome… etc).

Thanks! :cool:

  1. Landmark Tower when the sun is setting. Adorable night view. It’s the tallest building in Japan. You pay a small fare and go up with the world’s second fastest elevator.
  2. Ramen Museum. Go back to Yokohama in the '50s and enjoy lots of different ramen. Incredible detail complete with '50-eras Japanese cops.
  3. China Town. Lots of food places, souvenirs, Chinese dumplings, gates, temples/shrines, etc.
  4. If you got time you can go to Yokohama Cosmo World, has a pretty big roller coaster which “dives into the water”. Also has the large Cosmo Clock 21 ferris wheel.
  5. If you’re tired you can go to Manyo Club spa resort, which is just next to Cosmo World.

I suggest you check out the Wikitravel-site for Yokohama. Has lots of information (without being too much for one to comprehend) on just one page.


hey thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


Yokohama is very close to Tokyo (about 30-45 min by train depending on where you go in Tokyo) . For a first-time visitor in Japan, with short time in hands, Tokyo is certainly of much more interest.


I would like to go to countryside of Japan (if there is any nowadays) to see the land and scenery of a rural area… >> I watched this japanese drama called Oshin long long time ago, and loved its landscape. I still remember…


I’m with Muunuu on this one! I’d love to see the countryside! :slight_smile:


Can’t forget the Yokohama Bay Bridge. It was the thing to see when I was last there, but it’s been almost 20 years too.


There is a rural Japan. Lots of it. But you’ll need time, and may be your own vehicle, or use small local trains. And winter cloths :slight_smile:

Assuming you don’t have much time , The Kiso valley is a good bet I think, not too far from Tokyo/Yokohama - still you need to go down to Nagoya by shinkansen and change here for a local train, and travel the valley up to Matsumoto - small town, beautifull castle.


Is it a good time to go sailing?
I am really eager to see the sea on broad. Awesome!


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