Yet Another Female Study


3d Studio Max and ZBrush just for fun. Obviously the hands, face, feet aren’t done yet. The torso is pretty much the only thing that is kind of complete.

C&C’s are always welcomed.


did some work on the hands and face.


The torso looks kinda odd. Iits not very feminine. Dont build a six pack for a female character unless she is supposed to be a bodybuilder.
Try to look at some pics for inspiration and reference. I never made a human character before but I know that when I start my first one I will use good references and try to recreate what I see. Maybe you should do the same.


U have made a lot of work, but its not quite good, I suggest to study some anathomy to you


Ok let’s start with the head: make the nose slimmer cuz women have smaller noses, the face should be refined a bit, but you can make that on a later stage of work, chin is too sharp for a human and the bottom of the face should be lined up a bit with the rest of the head.
The body: definately remove the six pack cuz it’s kinda not very sexy, feminine or whatever you want to call it. Next step breasts look kinda like they’ve been cut off, add nipples, round the ass a bit, legs need to be rounded a bit.
Believe me I know what it means to make a character(and so do most of the people here ;)). It’s very hard to begin, but with a lot of work and refining you should achieve desired results. Don’t get under the weather cuz other people crit it so much, that’s why the model is here :wink: Well keep on working and most important posting updates every day or two will guarantee that you’ll achieve stunning results. And really you should prbably buy a playboy magazine or something just to check up on the bodys there and the curves etc. etc. So don’t forget to work alot and post updates!!! Good luck :thumbsup:

P.S. I’ll be watching you(ask for specific help if you need it).


Sorry about not having any updates. I’ve been busy with work and other school related crap. Apparently I’m getting $0 in finacial aid right now.

Thanks for the great reply boro. I restructured the torso a bit and shaped her back. Lowered the shoulders too. I also gave her jaws and played around a bit with her eye sockets. As for the six pack, i’m keeping those because I want a general model that I can shape later into things and smoothing out muscle definitions are a lot easier than making them.

Keep those crits coming.


never model a human without plenty of reference material, but I think your problem is just modeling. I suggest starting with the Joan of Arc tutorial by Micheal Roger located on I think you have potential, just keep practicing.


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