YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Mike Perusse


mike, you can interesed for sphere surface and after surface edit, only push s and x together you can scale in x o s and y scale in y or s and z together, and this form do the shape.

I do it very more times, if i can i start the shape from any type of surface presets… and i edit it.

I hope help you…

Its best less profiles if the shape is armonious, in the pic there is the profiles for the shapes and the edit form from sphere surface.

You can understand me?

If the shape have lines more straigh line forms then need it more profiles…

For you i think that this form with less profiles in the cross-section ( final procedure for profile skin ).

Too, you can a revolve nurbs, one nurbs only and then edit the shape, if you do nurb from profile, for you can curvature continuity in the shape in start and finish then you have to put three clicks in the begining of curve and finish in the curve.

i send this files to you…


Hi Miseka,

I was able to explore your files and work with your suggestions for a little while tonight.
I clearly have been making things a bit more complicated then they needed to be.

I will do some more work on my model and send it to you later this week for some more feedback, if that is ok.

Thank you very much for your help,



Its ok always… :wink:

I do it with like.

Im waiting your files.




You know as much as I loved EIM, I only touched the nurbs tools a few times.


Progressing just the same.

Well I’m trying to stay postive. I’ve been struggling to get “good” time for working on this project. I also did a rebuild on the model. I used a single nurbs curve, revolved it and edited the surfaces. I Also rebuilt all the wings. I’m understanding birails better, but still don’t always understand why a end surface doesn’t get capped sometimes.

From a EIM perspective, its been a good play in the sandbox project.

A lot more to accomplish in 3 weeks… Oh Boy… just not sure how it’s going to go.

Umm lets, I did a tweak on the wings the original concept shows them with an downward arc, but when you look at a modern glider it doesn’t quite work that way. So for glider flight the wings will be at positve angle. During landing they will drop so that the wheels (to be modeled) in the emergency rocket pods will hit the ground.

With that my wife has knocked on the floor above… so time to leave my sandbox and call it a day.




Thanks a million Miseka… your EIM help opened up my eyes a lot…

At some point I do need to talk about this model more with you.




In the research images I’ve reviewed the end of wings are rounded…Any suggestions on how to round wing tips? I was thinking I would need to use Profile SKins for the Vertical/Horizontal Stabilizers and Main wings.




Hi, and thk for replys…:wink:

Here i send files for you question, i dont know if they are ok for you.

I hope that yes.

See you forum…

pd; i have a files up to 97 kb, i dont put here ?



i dont put files more that 97, i how up files of more kB?

i send you the file for outlook mike33.



I continue to move forward but I am stymied by my lack of constant EIM use and understanding the best modeling work flow for an aircraft.

As noted in another thread I am battling the level of detail. My analytical side wants to build an aircraft, the artist side wants to make a free flowing 3d sketch… The engineering approach vs the Fred Gambino approach [Fred had a way of using simple shapes to make some cool aircraft].

I was also having boolean issues, but then I realized I didn’t really want to join or subtract
parts and pieces of parts…:hmm: which kind of leads me back to the analytic side of things where I want to model an aircraft that sorta works… so much for my KISS approach.

This right side/left side brain issue has basically been my artistic achilles heal for the last decade. It’s kind of like chaos theory and fractals… the more I dig, the deeper I dig the more I find and the deeper I dig. A whole in the ground for a plant turns into a direct route to New Zealand [Hi Peter Jackson] from the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts…

anyway… I have to admit I am very happy I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m modeling rivets. :slight_smile:





I continue working my model. though much slower… life things happen…

Sent a FACT model to work to do some lunch time lighting studies.

Won’t be finished by the 30th but hope to do what I can by then…

A quick image was uploaded from EIAS…




Don’t despair Mike, you’re doing great! :thumbsup: Still many hours left.
…And at the last minute, what’s one night without sleep? :argh:


The fun thing about concept work is concepting and letting your imagination fly.
The hard thing about concept work is letting your imagination fly and sitting next to a
coworker who flies a stunt plane in his spare time. He sent me this link:

Reality and the rules of physics has a way of making concepts seem rather funny…
I must admit I laughed an awful lot as each aspect of my “glider” was shot down.

Anyway it’s been all in good fun and even though I do despair and get frustrated with my reality from time to time I do love doing this stuff.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Rick,

Cheers, Mike


Howdy All,

Well here’s the link to my image:

It’s not done. But I thought I’d post where I was able to get to anyway.

I learned new things with this contest which is what I really hoped for.

Great job everyone else, you have all inspired me to keep trying to get better at using EIAS and EIM.

I end this contest on a very, and unrelated, happy note …I was finally able to rototill a 13 foot x 30 or so foot garden tonight at our new home… using a rented hydraulic tiller:love:… before it rained. It went smooth as silk with very few rocks… I can’t wait to start some planting…




too bad you couldn’t finish the challange, I like your design very much, hope you can keep on work on it in future.

and greetings on your setting down in your new house, I hope to yearn a enjoyable lifestyle like you did… :slight_smile:


Mike i like much the design, to final you can modeler very good…

See you


Excellent model, like the forms and round on the front apex of the wing. Very well designed and high tech looking. I would have like to see more of a background and maybe slight details or texture. Very functional looking. Great job!!


Yes excellent model. I’m glad you posted your final image. We can see you where doing great. Life is life, one can only do so much. Choices have to be make, “you chose well…”
Thanks for your participation! Happy planting!


Hi all, Thanks for your comments.

I plan to continue making the model. I started the windows Saturday night.

I will start a new thread when I’m ready to show some progress…

Another non related EIAS heads up -when spreading a lot of compost with fresh cow manure in it - wear a long sleeved shirt and gloves… man am I itchy :sad: . The Gnats and Mosquito’s had a field day on my knuckles and arms all weekend. …Hindsight is alway 20/20…

Chat with ya all soon,



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