YESTERDAY'S FUTURE Entry: Mike Perusse


Hi All,

I’m going to try to beat the odds and finish this contest… iPod or no iPod.

I’ll be focusing on the Albatross 2000 LGY design with the hope that I may, just possibly get to the Sprite II.
Initial concept Images to be posted tonight if time permits…they do need a fair amount of refinement.

I’d like to request a week extension …so a contest of 8 weeks that Brian sorta suggested in another post. Reason: Family Issues. An added week could very well make a big difference for me. Thanks.

Good luck all, I look forward to seeing your work and having fun trying to finish this contest.


Concept below…

Concept: Press Release:

Gliders Quarterly Magazine March 31, 1948

GQ magazine proudly introduces the Albatross 2000 Luxury Gliding Yacht and Sprite 2 Tug. High flying luxurious glider flights around the world.

The Albatross 2000 LGY will be tugged by the Sprite 2 to the stratosphere for high altitude gliding. The Albatross 2000 LGY comes with highly sensitive wind and temperature instruments to allow for maximum gliding efficiency. All weather instruments will exceed US’s best Weather Bureau sensors. The Aircraft will carry a high powered computer, smaller then a phone booth, to help the pilot maximize his flight plan. The weather and thermal wind data will be shown on a “color monitor”, not even the US Air Force will have one of these devices at the time of the Albatross 2000 LGY’s maiden private flight.

The Albatross 2000 LGY will be capable of carrying a max of 6 adults, along with a pilot and a cook/steward. You will enjoy the comforts of glided flight in either the 1st floor seating area by the galley or the 2nd floor lounge near the sleeping quarters. For your safety the Albatross will have two safety devices: emergency jet thrusters for instant speed increases and a triple parachute incase of structural failure.

Test flights of the Albatross 2000 LGY will be planned from US coast to coast non stop and in both directions. Future test flights across the Pacific, Atlantic, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia will be a part of the complete flight test program. NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) is considering a derivative of the Albatross 2000 for future gliding flights on Mars!

The Albatross 2000 LGY is built for those who want to fly in the lap of luxury on slow and easy trips across the great continents and oceans of the Earth, and possibly of other Solar System worlds. You’re rich, you worked the hard life, now it’s time to see the world’s splendors and relax with the guests of your choice from the safety of the Albatross 2000 Luxury Glider Yacht.

The Sprite 2 Tug will be powered by a high altitude jet engine. Unlike the Albatross 2000 LGY, the Sprite II is one highly energetic aircraft. The 2 pilots of this aircraft will need to be highly trained veterans of the worlds Air Forces. The Sprite 2 Tug will follow the flight plan of the Albatross 2000 LGY and be available for tugging the glider back to the stratosphere when ever or where ever the flight plan requires it.

The technological advances for the Albatross 2000 LGY and Sprite II maiden flight are expected within the next 50 years.

The Next issue of Gliders Quarterly will show detailed plans of the interior layout and review what it takes to be a Glider pilot!

Till then, Take it slow and hang on to those thermal updrafts!

Buck Henry Editor, Gliders Quarterly March 31, 1948

End Press Release.


Welcome aboard Mike. :slight_smile:


Welcome Mike :), and what a nice concept and sketches you have.

I hope more people will join the contest, and lets have fun!


Mike, that is a great concept, very well presented. Welcome aboard!


Thank you Brian, Richard and Yhloon for the welcome and comments.

I hope to get to review and comment on everyones concepts shortly.

In the meantime… I have attached a concept for the Sprite II Tug.
Panic concepting in whatever spare time I can grap onto.

I will try to flush out the Albatross tonight… fingers are crossed I can wrap up concepts and layout sketch by the end of the week so I can start modeling ASAP.




I am hoping to see your models…

Congrats for sketches and welcome…

Here there is level up !


Mike, That is realy nice, I’m wondering what is the small little thing at the back?

I hope I can come up with the concept like you, but I can’t, due to my lousy english :slight_smile:

I think I need to up my pace a bit, some of you guys has start modelling, and I’m still working on the scene building…


Hi Yhloon,

The small little thing on the back is a somewhat defined “hook” and tow line.

The Theory is the hook will attach to a handle or tow bracket on the
Albatross 2000 LGY [order one today and we’ll toss in free leather lounge chairs! :thumbsup: ].

At take off the Sprite II would be hooked to the Albatross. It would tow it to
it’s maximum glide altitude. A quick breaking menuever would separate the aircraft.
The Sprite II would retrack the tow cable and fly ahead to the next trip destination, the Albatross would lower its tow bracket and glide to same trip destination. In some instances the Sprite II could mate up with the Albatross in flight and bring it back to Max glide altitude if the thermal lift was lacking.

It’s a big team effort for the pilots… the folks on the trip, they get just sit back and enjoy the ride…

…Don’t worry about your english… give it your best shot and we can take it from there.

Thanks for the positive comments… Ergonomics break over…back to the day job.



HI All, a few more rough images to basically wrap up the concept designs.

I have more detail to work out but I’m getting to that stage where I’m thinking I need to start modeling and stop designing. Some details will need to be worked out on the fly or at lunch time…

I attached a side view, better detail of the Albatross, and the wing design.

Late night here on the East Coast…

Cheers, Mike


A couple more…

Side view of the Sprite II and a final composition thumbnail…
I tried to post them last night but ran right into cgtalk server downtime.

On to modeling…




You’re right. I’m still stuck with my vehicle design so I model what will be in the background while I learn Silo and study my design… What an inefficient and fun way to work, a bite in the sandwich and two strokes on the sketch…


Mike i like you concept design… Do you post any process model here?


Hi Miseka,

It will be a few days before I post some model images.

I need to figure out how I’m going to model what I concepted
and hopefully find the time to get some good momentum.




Great sketches Mike. I particularly like the Sprite II Tug. Very very cool stuff. You draw perspective well! :bowdown:


Thanks DickM, The sprite was inspired by the A4, F104, F105 fighter designs. I was trying to use some of the mindset of the jet designs of the 50’s early 60’s. I also was able to see a Marine A4 at an Air show before they were retired. Man O-Man was that pilot having a lot fun flying that jet that day… sure would of been fun sitting in the back seat with a paper bag… anyway, I thought it would be an interesting contrast to the laid back Albatross 2000 LGY.

In regards to this contest: I hit a major time drought the last 2 weeks and a learning curve with Nurbs. I really haven’t done much in the way of Nurbs. I’ve been reviewing Cristo’bals Sentinal Tutorial and comments made by PaulS about the tut. as my modeling philosphy in EIM… which turns into a lot of trial an error on my part…

But I’m keeping my positve spin on this contest - I’m learning, I’m modeling when I can, and I am enjoying the time I’m getting to play… :slight_smile:

Back to the day job…



Hi All,

It’s been a good week of Nurbs based trial an error in EIM.

This model is probably a real scrapper for the pros, but for me… Yeee Haaa…
I’m Making some progress.

Thanks to the 3DNY and Cristobals tuts I’m actually understanding some of this good stuff.
Now it’s practise, practise, practise so I can figure out how to do it right.

Any how another late night… got to go. Image attached.

Cheers, MIke


By the way, I do have some EIM questions, just need to get to the point of asking them the right way. … goodnight… ~mike


Nice going Mike! I’m happy to see you struggling with EIM because I am struggling with Silo…
I usually use only FormZ but for the kind of shape I’m looking for, Silo is a better tool. If only I could use it more efficiently…

Keep up the good work!


Congrats mike but the modeler if hard to learn in the start, but the interface is cool…

I m spectacting for more picture of you work…



So here is one pain… Everytime I look at my Profile Skin for the main body of my aircraft It reminds me of my younger days when that great old Aunt with her lips all puckered up coming after me to give a big wet kiss…YUCK!

I’m using Nurb Curves, With 4 cross sections, end tolerance has varied in my experiments along with the number of intermediate xsections.

Anyone have any suggestions on taking the pucker out of my profile… I’m a bit stymied.