Yesterdays Future Entry : GeordieJames


Okay, so as Mike says I could go on and on and have every excuse under the sun but what the heck I’ll have a pop.

So here’s a pic of my concept, a personal jet propelled transporter that can join up in multiple configurations for family trips or an express towed chain across the world.

As a confirmed ‘non completer finisher’ we’ll see how I take the strain on this…



Great concept James! I like the bubble window, very 50’s futuristic. Welcome.


Very good concept James, i like and the final composite too.

good luck !


I like it. Nice and simple with room to grow.

Sure am glad I am not the only confirmed ‘non completer finisher’ here.




“Tired of talking to your wife? Then buy the Cater-Peopler and put on some space vinyl. With our patented quadruple glazed, bullet proof, spouse proof glass, you’ll never hear a word she says.”

Glad you’re taking part,


Is that guy in the top right wearing my hat?


I didn’t think paying homage to one of the judging panel would harm!


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