YCFCG Character English class Review (not recommended)


Hi, I am a CG artist and started learning CG a few years ago.

I wanted to learn CG Characters.

Here is my experience with YCFCG Character English Class:

This class is just a Chinese voice over tutorial with English subtitles. No English voice.

They did not mention that clearly on their website, which makes them an untrusted educational institution.

The course starts from a base mesh for a character directly, No Intro.

No introduction for the course.

You don’t know the name of the teacher.

The teacher never introduced himself, he is either shy or never learned how to be a professional teacher.

You need to show your ID and other documents with a video of you holding

Your ID and at the end you don’t know who is teaching you.

The teacher understands what he is doing, but can’t deliver the idea because it is just English subtitles.

The English subtitles is terrible, you will not be able to

Follow along, unless you are Michael Pavlovich .

The menus of 3d softwares are in Chinese in Maya and some other 3d software except zbrush in English.

Some videos are unclear and blurry.

You need to download videos of the course in unplayable format.

YCF player to run videos of the course is a nightmare, it has a lot of issues, which wastes your time.

With all of that you will not be able to focus on the course.

No final character to download except the plain base mesh and some alphas and brushes.

It is not worth the money. I don’t recommend it at all.

If you want to learn CG Characters there are many better

Options like CG Master Academy, Vertex School or the

School of motion design.

Overall, a terrible experience.

I hope you find this useful for anyone wants to learn CG Characters.



Sounds way worse than ‘terrible’…Unfortunately this is the way of many video tutorials out there…Some are not tutorials at all they just put on background music which is usually something ‘terrible’ & just start modeling with little or no dialog…
Others are using a language they are not fluent in…So they can do a streamlined basic ‘walkthrough’ in their video but they lack the depth to be able to REALLY explain WHAT is going on & WHY & the REASON you might not want to do it ‘THIS WAY’ in other words avoiding pitfalls & a buttload of other nuance that is missing. This is why so many videos are ‘THAT’ dialog of “OK you klick dere…Dahnn du klick ober dere! Dyou denn shwirl mouse to leyt loots da shitz”…

A definite let-down for the GLOBAL INTERNET economy this kind of garbage which seems everywhere…This is why I watch OLD tutorials as the FUTURE SUCKS! In every way it SUCKS!!


He must’ve REALLY hated this course. This review was posted on multiple forums. For my part, I had rather assumed that something like this was going to be the case anyway. Having seen so many YCFGG pieces on ArtStation before, I can literally count the number of times I’ve seen their content posted in English on one hand.

Their English class seems secondary and always has. That said, with all due respect to the OP, you get back what you put into it. There are people who have also taken this class, whose first language is neither English nor Chinese, who’ve done exceedingly well with what was given to them.

Look. Were I in the OP’s position, I probably wouldn’t have taken this class in the first place. I’d have instead followed more familiar courses from the likes of Pluralsight, Gnomon, or really anything on Gumroad. TONS of material to be had from “the usual suspects.” YCFGG sounds like a great idea when you look at the results from their students, but you kinda have to read between the lines. There’s an old saying. When somebody shows you who they are, believe it. In the case of YCFGG, you see that 99% of what they have online is in Chinese. You have to assume that, even with an English course available, it’s probably going to be a bit hacky. Caveat emptor.

Even so, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If other people, who don’t speak either language, have managed to struggle through this terrible course and come out on the other end looking like a hero then there’s no real excuse for YOU (the OP) not to similarly prosper. I get how hard it is given what they give to you - or don’t. Still, if you’re motivated, you’ll find a way.

Just imagine how many of us learned to do CG without the aid of ANY tutorials or courses. We struggled. We made our own course material for later reference. We came up with our own tricks. IF you want to do CG then the only barrier is you, especially given how much you already have in the way of pre-existing resources at your disposal.

You live. You learn. The YCFGG course certainly sounds less than ideal for non-Chinese speaking artists. However, I’m only hoping that you got something from the experience. If you came back with nothing other than frustration, well, you have to point the finger at yourself too. Like Tom Hanks said in that old movie, “There’s no crying in baseball.” :slight_smile: Gotta roll with the punches and make lemonade of those lemons sometimes.

@TalkOrBell: Dude. You’ve gotta change that avatar. I almost though that you were Bay Raitt, the artist who made that pic. :stuck_out_tongue:


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