xSteam sky light shadow isuue


sadly I am having a mayor issue with Vue xStream.
The ambient/ sky light which is visible with GI, somehow isn’t throwing any shadows and just goes right trough all Maya objects.
I know that you can fix this with tuning on “Radiosity Maps” as secondary GI method in Cinema 4D.
But since I started learning Maya(latest version) and am using it with VRay I’m kinda stuck.

I have been looking for multiple hours online and almost tried every settings combination I could find.I just can’t fix this.

I have this issue on different machines with different programs and versions.
Also a friend of mine has the exact same problem if he doesn’t use the Radiosity Maps.

Does anyone know how to fix this and maybe why this is happening?

It looks as if Maya objects (or in general all native application objects) just don’t cast shadows on the ambient light.
This is only for GI and doesn’t come from any normal light source as far as I can tell.

Even in a completely closed room the god damn light is illuminating everything.
The screenshot shows a closed room which should be entirely dark. Rendered with Brute Force Brute Force and AO and RD for GI on. http://www.pic-upload.de/view-31066422/ … e.png.html


Vue has a tenancy to do this if the room is closed off and/or you have turned off the sunlight to the scene. You may need to use separate illumination in your closed room and adjust your over all atmosphere lighting settings to eliminate your issue.


First thanks for the quick reply.
Sadly this isn’t just for the room. This happens for everything no matter where the object is.

And it definitely is the in the GI seen ambient/ sky light.


I did a quick outdoor scene though not of super quality it is an example of what I was talking about that can be done in the GI light setting in Vue. You can see a sample in my portfolio, link below



Did you test it in maya or cinema with their native objects?
Also my problem isn’t indoor specific. It happens everywhere to all native application objects no matter what.


No I have not tested in other software. Something else you may want to look at if the lens flare is on. I know that sounds simple but Vue has a tendency to auto turn this on with some lighting/atmosphere settings and causes the exact problem you are talking about. Some thing else you may want to look at is some graphic drivers/cards have adverse effects, I would almost lean more toward that since you are seeing this across platforms.