XSI FND to ESS V7 upgrade info in here!


Special upgrade offer for Foundation customers only

Until September 30th, 2008, Softimage is offering special pricing that allows you to upgrade from any version of XSI Foundation to the newly announced XSI 7.

Upgrade to XSI 7 Essentials (Windows) $995 £495 €630
Upgrade to XSI 7 Advanced (All OS) $2495 £1245 €1600
This special pricing represents a 66% savings off of the retail pricing of XSI Essentials and a 50% savings off the retail price of XSI Advanced. For example, in North America, XSI Essentials normally retails for $2995 USMSRP and Advanced for $4995 USMSRP!

For details, please contact an authorized Softimage reseller or contact Softimage Sales at 800.576.3846 (North America) or 514.845.1636 (International), or by email at sales@softimage.com.

You can also purchase your upgrade from the Softimage Web Store

The above mail should be in your inboxes folks.


I don’t know about other countries/regions, but in North America there is a maintenance part of the deal that is awesome as well:

-Upgrade to XSI 7 Essentials with 1 year of
maintenance $1495 £745 EUR950
-Upgrade to XSI 7 Essentials with 2 years of
maintenance $1995 £995 EUR1250
-Upgrade to XSI 7 Advanced with 1 year of
maintenance $3495 £1745 EUR2200
-Upgrade to XSI 7 Advanced with 2 year of
maintenance $4495 £2245 EUR2850

The two year Ess. maintenance is a really good deal IMHO. Those prices include the purchase price of XSI! I’ve asked a softimage rep twice and a reseller about this just to be sure.


Is that 2 year maintenance one from FND to ESS or ESS to ESS?

That is a amazing deal indeed.


This might be a really daft question but if I upgrade from FND to Ess 7.0 without maintenance then I get no updates at all? No bug fixes, point releases or anything?

None of the packages I’ve owned over the years have had the concept of paid maintenance so it’s a new thing for me and as a home user the difference between £495, £795 and £995 is significant especially as I would also need to add 17.5% to these prices in tax which I can’t claim back.

As an aside I think the pricing is pretty good considering what you get but it’s still a big investment for what is basically my hobby.



I was told that you’d get any release that was considered a bug fix, but once a release comes out that is a feature release- no.

So say you buy 7.0 and 7.2 comes out with a ton of bug fixes, but no new real “features”- then you’d get it for free. If then 7.5 comes out, and say they added a new version of MR or made ICE able to generate geometry, or moved features from Adv. into ess, then you’re out of luck, and would have to contact softimage or your reseller about the upgrade pricing at that time.

I was told that major release to major release is roughly $1100 (7.0-8.0 for instance), which is one reason why the two year maintenance deal is so uber good. You’ll get all the point releases and ANY new version of XSI that comes out (on top of support) in that period.

If you just buy Ess 7.0 with the regular upgrade, you’ll have to pay regular maintenance prices ($799 a year I think) which is also retro active to your registration date!

So the two obvious ways to go IMHO are either get two years of maintenance $1995, or just plunk down $995 and grin and bear it when the next major release comes out and pay $1100. You’ll have to decide which of those two is the better gamble on your own…


I have to admit I was disappointed foundation is an end of life product and forgive me if I am just being slow, but this brings up an interesting question.

If we upgrade to Essentials with a maintenance subscription and after it expires; do we have an option to renew or should we anticipate a final yearly expense of doing business with Softimage is a maintenance price raised on us again to $799 if not more?


The following is pure guesswork, I have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about here beyond taking a stab to foreseeing something knowing how it worked out in the past few years. The final word on this kind of things if Softimage sales dept. alone.

That will probably be the case.
Considering there was no maintenance for FND though (and the occasional promo offer to shave off 100 bucks was never a general policy) you’d be spending 300 bucks more than it would have costed to keep FND up to date and you have the addition of .5 releases and support in it, not to mention it’s the full thing with all the bells and whistles and the added batch licenses.
Not as good as getting away with just four or five hundred bucks a year for some people, I understand, but I wouldn’t call it game breaking.

For an example like that (being able to benefit from the upgrade policy) I would say that’s not game breaking.

While I agree FND was a terrific deal, it’s always been more so as an introduction (forefront money) than it was for yearly costs. For yearly costs Essentials is pretty hard to beat since it’s become full featured.

The only people who I agree miss out with FND being pulled are those who want to play around with xsi, and still do minimal commercial work but not enough to justify forking out a few grands. For everything else I sincerely think the upgrade path is very reasonable.


I would pay less now and wait for more promotion later.

I had Foundation 4 when it came first, until last September I pay $2000 for Ess 6.5 thinking it is a good deal. Now, to upgrade from Ess 6.5 to 7 I need to pay $1000 because I do not have the subscription, the same price as upgrading from Fnd 4 to Ess 7. Definitely, I will upgrade my Fnd 4 not Ess 6.5.

There will be more and better promotion, that is my two cents.



Jaco, Well said! this is only speculation and guess work with a *Subject to change applies.

In all honesty it is a great or at least a fair price to allow Foundation users to upgrade at such a discount, especially since nothing could have been offered to begin with. However it is important that we consider the long term cost before making the purchase.

For those fortunate enough to afforded it, XSI is still extremely competitively priced in comparison on a per feature basses with the competition at this time.


I’m cool with the great upgrade price from FND to ESS and really appreciate Softimage doing providing such a great deal, but have a question about maintenance.

So from the above if I just upgrade my FND license to ESS 7 and do not opt for maintenance. Next year 7.x or 8 is released. At that time I decide to upgrade to new release and buy maintenance program do I have to pay maintenance for the previous year as well?

I just want to make sure I understand this correctly and decide if putting off that motorcycle I want is worth it :slight_smile:


Well, make sure and ask a reseller my understanding is that if you bought the upgrade ($900-1200 depending on the year etc.) then no, the maintenance you then purchase would then go forward from your upgrade date. If however, you don’t upgrade, but go for maintenance at that time, it’s retro actively back dated. So then you have to pay “back dues”. This is my understanding. I’ll PM you my reseller if you have anymore questions he’s VERY helpful.


Ah, I see now. That makes sense.



So does this mean that if Foundation is purchased in the next couple of weeks, then it can be upgraded to Essentials for that price? or is it only for existing Foundation users.


Foundation can’t be purchased anymore, so it’s a moot point.
The creative way around it (since FND isn’t transferrable) would be to find a FND user that dropped xsi, get him to upgrade to essentials, and buy off him after release, but it’s anybody’s guess if it’s legal and if Soft will approve the transfer at that point.

If you want to be 100% safe you’re probably better off assuming you’ll have to fork out for ess straight away if you want new licenses and have no FND to your name already.


I bought Ess 6.5 at $2000 that I think it was special price, but still, looks ridiculous compared to the upgrade price for Fnd any version now.
However, I own Fnd 4 and plan to upgrade it as well. SO, I can sell it (Ess 7) later while keep one copy the upgrade from my Ess 6.5, since I am a lonely freelance. I do not need two copies of XSI anyway.

I am asking the quote from Soft and plan to put it on sale as soon as the upgrade arriving.

If there is anyone interested, I will set the price when I know how much the upgrade is.



I’ll let this post be because it’s not too off topic, but in general we don’t allow e-bay linking or 2nd hand sales on (we archive them rather than hard delete them though as it’s not a major issue :slight_smile: ). If and when you get the quote, and you’ve made sure Soft will let you transfer the license, keep further sales discussions private if possible please :slight_smile:


Delete it if you want.
However, it is the response to what you brought up about finding the owner of FOundation that no longer used it, right?
For Soft, software is just a tool and there are so many tools and ways to get the work done.



Okay, so if I am ready to buy my upgrade from XSI 5.11 FND to XSI 7 Ess, how would go about that…? I don’t not see this upgrade link on the softimage online store…



licensing questions should go to sales@softimage.com or to support@softimage.com
It’s the only way you’ll get a piece of (digital) paper in your hands worth anything toward a purchase.


I did not get anything back from Soft sale department since I asked then from the first day XSI 7 announced.

Just my two cents, Soft might realizes that the upgrade is so good that instead of them making money, Foundation owners who need or no longer need XSI will upgrade and make money later.