Xpresso to link nulls or objects to joints in a morph pose


Im making very simple 4 joint pose morphs that are proving ok at the moment.

Id like to be able to do this on 3D objects as i’m currently only managing to do this on a plane (3 section fold).
Plan is to make a quirky cardboard house using basic morph poses arranged together to different parts.

If you imagine a simple 3 wall hinge that goes from fully open and bends into a C shape, thats where i am at the moment, i’m trying to work out how i can link nulls or objects to the joint point so they move a a child of the joint and don’t inherit any of the joints rotation.

i’d love here any input on this please?

and if there is a way to do it with 3D objects extruded (not a single plane) id love to hear too as id like to use the corrigated cardboard shader i made.

a work around would be to stick extruded objects to various joints and hide the main geo that was rigged.
be nice to get this working with 3D model so the edges actaully fold and bend and its not so 2D in 3D using planes?

thank you love to hear on this.