Xpresso needs some love


… am I wrong?

Having spent so much time in Houdini over the past year and a half, coming back into Xpresso feels a little drab.


Hear hear!
Yea, hopefully the new Material Editor will be cascaded into Xpresso. Even better just have a combined interface like Maya and Houdini.


To me, working in the Xpresso editor always feels very laggy, like I’m dragging the nodes through treacle… Maybe something to do with a large screen or high DPI, I don’t know. But Xpresso looks and feels more or less the same as it did when I started using Cinema back in R10. Two minutes in Houdini should be enough to give any developer a ton of ideas on how to improve Xpresso.


I’d welcome enhanced xPresso. More nodes, refined UI, and maybe some things that expand the paradigm a bit.

We can drag objects or attributes into the node tree…but I’d love to be able to drag in specific points and polys…

I’d love some selector filters…where for instance one could easily select every nth polygon. I’m sure the Maxon wizards can do this and more.

Ultimately Maxon knows it’s market, where stability, ease-of-use and elegance reign supreme. They will avoid the mistake of mimicking Houdini’s powerful but labyrinth-like work-flow. C4d is for artists first.


RE: We can drag objects or attributes into the node tree…

You can actually drag attributes. But you need the object node first. Basically, drag the attribute to the input/output side.

Anyhow, one of my qualms are they are not renamed properly. For instance, if you have 3 to 4 targets in a constraint (which is fairly normal with a space switch contract), all of them have the name targets.

It’s a bit harder to troubleshoot. You have to guess to get the port you are looking for.