Xpresso how to make a non-smooth rotation


How do you make an object, say a cylinder, rotate like it’s jagged,
it should rotate every couple of frames but not constantly…



Does it have to be via Xpresso?

You can set a few key frames for one cycle, and then select “Track after” and something like “repeat” or “repeat incremental”, for it to go on indefinitely…


Use a posterised gradient in Field fall off of a plain effector.

There’s loads of ways to do stepper motor like rotations if that’s what you’re after.


thanks for the useful tip,
might use it but was looking for a more automatic way,
the Xpresso command for continuous rotating is simple, so i was hoping there’s an easy tweak to make it non constant.


You could perhaps feed in the results of a ‘noise’ node via a range mapper (to calibrate the scale correctly) use a maths add node to combine the 2, therby bringing somerandomness in ?


Actually, I made a quick example, you can mess about with the settings in the noise node Wobbly Gear.c4d (177.5 KB)
to change it.


Have you tried to round your continuous values with a floor or ceiling math node?

It will make the values “jump” to integer values.


that’s very close to what i was looking for, i’ll mess around with it. thank you so much!


thank you everybody!