XPresso C4D: How to turn material on using drop down menu?


I have a map of the U.S with all 50 states extruded from splines. This map is a template that will be regularly reused by myself as well as other designers who are C4D beginners.

I want my designers to select a state from a drop down menu and have a new texture automatically applied to it. That texture also needs to be applied only to the front face (c1) of that extruded shape (the state).

Any help is appreciated


User data allows you to create a drop down with the names of the states representing an integer value. That integer value can be used to select a specific spline from a link list node and assign it to a an instance object that is used with an Extrude.


you can also drag your materials into your xpresso window, define “object” as output, create a condition node, drag the material tag of the desired object also in and define “material” as input. i only used that technique to switch between two materials, so i’m not sure how it could work with more than two… but maybe this points you in the right direction.


Thanks you guys. I have been racking my brain about this for a while. I just don’t understand enough about XPresso yet to implement these ideas, but you have turned my brain in the direction of what I need to learn. I will pick this project up again soon.