xparticles - Failed to download updater file from server


is there a download link for the latest xparticle 4 update from today?


Make sure you have it load in the correct plug-in folder and it should work then.


By “correct plugin folder” what do you mean? Is it not just the Maxon/C4Dr19/plugins/ folder?

I’m getting an error saying it is unable to write to the x-particles folder, even though I’ve removed “read-only” access on that folder and all contents therein.


OH wait…I see now that it needs to be in a different place to be considered “correct” install.

According to the manual, go to C4D preferences, click on “open preferences folder” down at the bottom…then within that folder there is a plugins folder. That is the correct place to install X-particles which will allow the online updater to work correctly.


I removed read only from the entire Maxon folder in C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R19_XXXXXXX and it worked


Right-click on’c4d.exe’ to run with administrator privileges and run the update.