XP Xmas Advent Giveaway


It’s the festive time of year once again, and here at helloluxx, we thought we’d share some XP Xmas Advent gifts with all you Cinema 4D users out there. Each day of December until the 24th, we offer you a free X-Particles scene file.

It’s going to feel like Christmas every day. Ho Ho Ho!




Thanks Tim! Some really nice stuff here. Look forward to checking these out as the month rolls on.


These are great!! Thanks so much!

Dan H


Very cool and generous.


Very cool indeed, I just love looking at other people’s scene files. Thank you!


That’s an amazing gift. Thank you very much all!!!



very cool and awesome of you to do this!


Thanks, here’s todays scene which uses xpNoiseFalloff in a regular MoGraph setup.



Thanks a lot Tim, very much appreciated. :applause:


Very nice thing to do. Tim is the man. I recently purchased his XP training as well. Will dive into that soon. I know from his old-school FXPHD courses I took way back, he’s a great instructor.


Thank you Blinny


Almost at the end of our XP Advent Giveaway. There are now 19 different X-Particle downloads for you to enjoy, and 5 more to come.

Here’s todays example which uses the distance constraint combined with xpTrail to to create web like structures with cloth behaviour.




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