XP 55 AirPlane Moi3d/EIAS


Hey guys, Been working on a model that I’ve always found interesting looking, a curtis wright xp 55 experimental plane(1950’s or so?).
I’ve been building it in Moi3d. I think Im about finished with the main body shape… wings are just temporary at this point.
Let me know what you think so far!
Mike Fitz


Hi Mike,

looks great so far! I have seen your W.I.P also at the MoI forum (i´m currently evaluating MoI…:-))



Hey Stefan thanks for the reply! I am just hoping to finish the model!

Mike Fitz


Hi Mike,

Looks pretty good so far. T cockpit window area has a lot of nicely rounded edges. This is going to be very cool.


Hi Mike,
Nice model. Was it rendered in Moi3D? I like the green material. Is it an EI material?

Mike (Buggsy)


It’s nice. I like the shape of it.


Hey guys, thanks for taking the the time to reply!

Buggsy - the model was exported from moi3d as obj files, a quick run through transporter and into EIAS for rendering.
Will post more as I go.
Mike Fitz


To quote one of my wife’s favorite characters… “Impressive. Most impressive.”

I’m not familiar with the aircraft, but it is a very cool design.



Very nice Mike!
Keep posting your progress, it’s always interesting to see your work.
I don’t know if you have lots of reference pictures but here are some links:


hey guys thanks for the comments. all are very appreciated!

Richard, thanks for the links. One of them, from the higher angle could have come in handy when I was putting the rear air intake together. I had to follow the reference from a model airplane kit and it was exactly as it is on my model. But it does not reflect the real piece, which I may go back now and remodel.
thanks for the links!
Mike Fitz


Hey guys, slowly getting around to getting more of the model built.
here is a screen cap from Moi3d
Mike Fitz


That’s super cool. I want one. :slight_smile:


I’m sure you saw the missing rivet behind the cockpit window and already made the correction…
Keep it up, it’s looking great! :thumbsup:


Hi Mike,

your airplane is coming along really nice! I´ve also finished the eval. phase of MoI and now i´m a happy MoI user too :slight_smile: It´s such a nice peace of software and was the reason why i installed Windows on my Mac. Michael Gibson rocks too!

Keep up the great work and happy modeling,



Hey guys, thanks for the words! very encouraging and helping me keep going with the model.
Rick! dont put the pressure on me!!! hahaha.

Stefan, I completely agree about your take on Moi3D. very ez to use. Happy about your move on adding moi3d to your software list!

Mike Fitz


At the risk of incurring Brian’s wrath:).
It’s a while since I looked at MOI, has layers been added?
That is one of the things I like best about EIM, the implementation of the layers window.
It makes the construction of anything but the simplest model so much easier.


I love the EIM layers window. Really quick organization and you always knew the relationships of all the objects in your model. The icons were really quite recognizable as well.


Hi Michael,

i hope i don´t risk it either with this small video i found on the net.


As you can see it show the new layer functions in V2 and also the beautiful meshing options, in case you like to bring in your model into a polygon modeler.



yes, layers and much more are in v2. give Moi3d a shot. Its pretty good, esp. for the price.

Mike Fitz


Don’t want to pressure you Mike but… Any development you like to share? :slight_smile: