XGEN on Redshift Pipeline


Hi Guys!
Does anybody let me know the concrete pipeline when I use Maya XGEN over redshift?
I want to cache out all fur and hair stuffs to alembic or redshift proxy for efficient rendering.

And, I am wondering if there are any solutions to make the density of fur dynamically while mesh is being animated.
Because we have an extremely exaggerating animal model.
If we make his mouth extremely bigger, the density of fur on its face should be lower enough to expose its skin.
So, I need a solution to adjust the density of fur automatically as its mesh stretches.

Thanks in advance!


this was incredibly helpful, exactly what I needed and really helped me with other applications of xgen. thanks for taking the time to make this, such a great tutorial !! Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi


Agreed mate!!! Awesome tutorial !! Vidmate APK
Akamai NetSession


I actually think 3 hours a day is a good amount for somebody studying.
It gives you some time to reflect on your work.
Usually the most valuable feedback you can give yourself is to ‘walk away’ from a model for a day and take a fresh look the next day.
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Pushing and pulling vertices for 10 hours straight doesn’t make a model any better then spending 3 hours on it.

It is quality over quantity. Especially when learning!

Though obviously making a really high quality model takes a certain amount of quality time (usually quite a bit)

Anyway, the amount of time it will take for you to reach a level where somebody may wish to hire you for your skills is different for everybody and some never reach that level.


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