xgen loses groom/settings at random



I’m working on 3 characters in Maya2015. Everything is working fine. The characters have hair and eyebrows created with xGen. Everything renders fine.

Randomly when I close Maya and reopen the scenes, all the hairs (eyebrows, beard and scalp on the characters) that are generated with grooms have lost their settings and cannot be re-generated. Maya crashes immediately when trying to activate the collection with the groom in it. The hairs that have been generated with splines are all fine. The xGen folder with the collections and all descriptions incl. all folders for the grooming are in the scene-directory.

I have exported all settings for the hair and re-imported it into fresh scenes. All hair is being generated just fine, but same thing happens at random.

I have tested it on two different machines (both Maya 2015, MacOS) that have no connection whatsoever and same loses/crashes on both.

The hair works for a a while, but once it decides to go bust, I have to start from scratch again…

Any idea what’s causing this and how it can be solved?