xGen Interactive Groom hair looking strange from some angles


Hello all! I have been working on my grooming skills for awhile as I never got the chance to learn it in film school. I have been using the xgen interactive groom to apply fur to my characters face. It is very much still a work in progress, but I am showing it off here since I have no idea how to describe the issue I am facing.

The first image is the groom applied to the rig, the hair reacts fairly well to the distortion of the geometry. It really is looking pretty good, at least from the front. I have since done a turntable and have found that the side views of my character have some major issues. Something very strange happens to the lighting, the hairs become dark, the clumping pattern becomes visible and you can see through the hairs breaking the illusion of the character being fluffy as you can see the geometry underneath. What should I be doing to combat this? I want my character to look good from all angles.