XBO Visteon Concept Design WIP


Hi Guys,

Welcome to my Entry “Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge” 2014.

About my concept:
I will like to explain about my concept latter on. You will see that my List will grow.
Everything (mostly) is already been planned and a couple of other points I will describe latter.

For now as you can see in the Picture I wrote down: my goals, about the interface, some points for the interaction and my avoids.

More coming soon…
Check the list time to time.

My concept is base on:
► Technology
► Interface
► Safety
► Interaction between 2 different worlds

The must difficult part will be the interaction. This should be explained latter with pictures.
Interaction between Human and Machines are not that easy.

In this Challenge Thread I will illustrate in 2D an 3D my Ideas.
Please feel free to criticize or comment.

Have fun, good luck to the all participants and thank you for reading!


Hi 2xbo,

Why are you avoiding eye control? To me, technology like the Tobii eye tracker would be fantastic because it would allow the driver to keep their hands on the wheel and also activate the eye tracking with a toggle button located on the steering wheel.

Just curious. I’m sure you have a good reason.



Hi Doza,
Well I will explain latter why I think is not a good idea.

Exactly, any Designer has a good reason.
If Im correct I dont know.
I didnt take a look yet how Tobii’s Interface looks like.

Lets try to do the best. Short Time!

BTW. I like your speedometer


Useful link for your Eye Gaze conversation --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D6spLLJYPw



Hey Andrew,
Thnx for the link. A couple of explanation became to my mind.
I will explain in these days me propose advantages and disadvantages from some existing technologies and also from my own proposes.

Great Infos from Visteon!

Hope you will like it. :shrug:

I love Interiors… are sooo difficult, but really they are really interesting (at least for me)


Hi guys,

Here are my first 4 Brainstorming boards.
Hope you like it.

» Brainstorming Page 1 (All about Design)
In the next 4 Boards you will see the research I made to start doing some Design, but not everything is all about Design.
At the very last board (Page 4) I’m showing you the “key” for my Design. Description will coming on that page.

» Brainstorming Page 2 (Production Cars)
I paid attention on the new shapes, SPACE, position, how the instruments are distributed, lighting, what is going on inside the normal cars today and in which direction BMW is developing their interiors, different stuffs that I personally don’t like it, …

» Brainstorming Page 3
Space: Really important.
My Architecture Design Interface is specialized for the next Car Generations “Electric Cars”
But the Architecture I will apply for this Challenge can be applied to a concept cars or production cars.
Important points you will notice in this board.
» Organization
» Distribution
» Thinness
» Harmony
» Color combination
Before I studied the productions cars and now the prototypes.

» Brainstorming Page 4 (Key Futures)
As I said before… This board show the direction in which I’m going for.
I’m preparing the last Brainstorming board (Page 5) which should illustrate the most important points that I will use for my “Architecture Design Interface”
Electric cars are our future and such as carbon. This two combinations give us —» “Space”, “Lightness” and “Innovation”
Also for use this two combinations, we need to be organized and take care of more NEW features that will be come soon in the car interiors.
» Balance
» Weight
» Accessibility
» How compact they can be
» Position of the instruments
» and the last and most important point for me and for my Entry to this Challenge will come in the next board…
BTW. If you put vertically and in the correct order the images you will get an effect…
That’s why you are seeing this estrange orange lines in the pictures.


Hi guys,

My last brain storming board.

Brainstorming Page 5 (The car learns whose is his driver)

My concept is base on learning, but in this case, the driver doesn’t learn about his car. The car itself learn more about his driver and his behaviors.
Is more or less the same principle as the eye track.
IMHO the eye tracker is not as good as the driver tracker.
With the “driver tracker”, the car is safe and can’t be steal (just an idea)

» With the eye tracker you lose contact with the outside. Less than two second can take a person life.
With the eye tracker you try to give commands and this can take also more than four seconds if you don’t practice or find fast the correct menu.

The “driver tracker” use the face recognition feature, as well has integrated the voice recognition and the eye tracker. With the eye tracker from the “driver tracker” your car is looking at you all the time and the car can make also decisions…


Before you don’t recognize that may be you will have a crash because you are looking into the other side of the street, the car can take a look if a bicycler is not coming too fast.
With this feature you can avoid any possible accident.

This is my reason, why I will personally avoid the eye tracker to control the car interface.

» The other feature I will add is an icon (a legend)

“Drive in Theater” is the topic.

Drive in Theaters was sooo funny and I enjoy it a lot.
With the technology we have an adding my 3rd feature that I’m applying for this project, could be something different.

Now the cars have also 5.1 Audio System integrated and its amazing!! But something is missing. VIDEO!
My goal is to include a small projector inside the interior which project the menu interface into the windshield as a planar projection.
To produce this effect needs to be to different Maths.

The “menu interface architecture” is built for the driver and the co-pilot so both of them can turn on or off the “menu interface architecture” whenever they like. This feature “menu interface architecture” is divided in two section (Dirver section and Co-Pilot section.
The “menu interface architecture” can also be displayed as a single menu)

An extra HUD is added for the driver in case the driver don’t want to have too much information in front of his eyes.

One of the must important things is “Depth”
This feature is adjustable so the driver can also see a bit more to the right hand side.
When the driver active the directional lights the co-pilot panel (menu interface architecture) will change. This extra feature can be turn it on or off- so the driver can decided if he needs help from the “menu interface architecture” or not.

The projector inside can project also movies.
With these feature, the driver and the co-pilot will have a new and unique experience.

» Problems and issues:
The camera tracker should work also inside tunnels

The projector must be as small as possible. Doesn’t need to be a 4K projector or camera.
The video and audio signals goes through a HDMI Cable and for the “Drive in Theater” experiences, the audio goes through to a WiFi connection.

Let’s put these features together…


awesome research, reminds me of the literature review I did for my final year project! :thumbsup:


Hi rashi,

Im glad you like it. :beer:


Hi guys,

I didn’t have too much time… and I need to clean the image.
Here is an illustration of some features for my Design.
Shapes are will change. Now I’m looking for some of them.
Hope you like it.


Looking cool so far! :slight_smile:


Nice start :slight_smile: .Waiting for updates.


Hi guys!

:argh: I couldnt finish really !

Hope you had a good and better time than me.
Good luck for everyone !