X1 and X2 mouse buttons not working


I have a 5 or 6 button mouse. I would like to assign the 2 thump buttons to rotate view and pan view, but the x1 and x2 mouse options don’t seem to work. Are these two options explained somewhere in the documentation?


As far as viewport interaction goes, x1 and x2 can only act as modifier keys - like ALT - so if you set X1 to pan the view you will need to press X1 and Left Mouse.

If other functions are not working it could be that the buttons are being overridden by your mouse software. I use the thumb buttons for selection undo/redo but have configured the corresponding hotkeys in my mouse software rather than in Silo itself.

Depending on what mouse/software you use it might be possible to configure ALT+LMB etc. onto one of the extra buttons.


Thanks a lot for your reply.

Unfortunately, I can’t use Silo for the purpose I need it for: setting up a plane (rectangle polygon) with the same size (ratio) as my image. Apply the image as a material to that plane. And then cut out parts of the plane around the shape depicted in the image. As soon as you start to make a cut [x], the UVs get totally messed up … which is not the case with C4D and Modo.

I will have to move on testing other lower cost 3d modelers who work well with this kind of workflow.