I’m working on a spinning object that uses X-Particles xpInfectio to release the particles over time. The emitter shot places the the particles on frame 1, then as the particles are infected they would be released. A Question for the emitter should work, but I can’t figure what I’m missing in the question here.

I’m using C4D R25, and FUSE (x-particles) Build 1036 on PC, rendering in Arnold.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can point out my error(s), or give me a smarter way to go at this problem.

Cheers! :pray:


No Question needed. In the Infectio modifier, there’s an “Action” tab, where you set “Action on Incubation” and/or “Action on Infection”.


Aha! That’s great news. I appreciate your helpful insight. I’ll give it a go


That worked perfectly. So simple, just as it should be. Thanks again!