X-Particles R20 Early Access Down for everyone?


The early access version of X-particles seems to have stop working. I confirmed with several other users on Slack the same behavior: X-particle menu but menu will not drop down.

I wonder what caused this. Was it a problem with their copy-protection server? If so, is this the way the the final release will work? If the server goes down is everyone trying to get work done screwed?


This bad behavior also seems to prevent C4D from quitting properly-- the task continues to run.


The EA builds have no offline but the RC builds do so any server or internet interruption has no impact.

Sorry for any disruption, there was a temporary problem on the licensing server which has already been resolved.

As for Cinema 4D ending, this will be waiting for the server to respond but will time out.



Thanks! That is reassuring on the server situation.

Have REALLY been enjoying the in-depth tutorials of scenes taken from your reel. Hope that many more of those are forthcoming.

I am seeing a not insignificant number of crashes but hopefully the public is more stable.


Just to piggy back on Lance’s comment - I am hoping for better integration with C4D’s built-in volume builder. It would be a welcome addition to the integration so that we can fiddle with fog settings and volume shaders in realtime rather than outputting a vdb sequence by caching.


It would be nice to have built in volume rendering in C4D; I’m sure that’s coming at some point based on what Iv’e seen in their current volumes implementation. For now, Cycles 4D can render Explosia volumes without caching. I can’t imagine doing much work with Explosia without it.


Yeah that’s my point. :slight_smile:
I’m using redshift, and it does have a volume object, but the only way to get X-particles to play with it is to output a vdb sequence.

I love the way C4D’s volumebuilder objects show up in the redshift volume shader node without exporting anything. That’s the functionality I need/want with X-particles and redshift.

And as you know experimental stages and preview rendering work best when they can be done in viewport (or ipr).

I’ve asked at least a couple of times on the Insydium forum but it goes largely unnoticed. I guess we’ll wait and see.


Agreed, continuous feedback of what we do is paramount to iterate. It is wonderful when we can just fly trough work experimenting , tweaking without “interruptions” like opening folders, managing trough windows explorer(or Mac for those in it) and then again when we change another thing. It is break in creative process.
It is like an artist to have open a suitcase every time wants to change the form of a clay sculpture he is working on.


They announced these improvements recently.


Slight OT, does anyone know if there is still a usecase to use the xpdomain instead of xpFluidFX, Explosia o or XpFluidPBD?

I’m trying to look deeper into the XP dynamics but I’m not sure if there’s a point (besides legacy project) to use this one…