X-particles / Insydium Fused not working on Team Render (render client does not register the plugin)


Hi all!

I have two computers at home (C4D r23 on both). I just purchased Insydium Fused and want to use Team Render for it.

Downloaded Insydium Fused on Computer 1, and it works fine. Downloaded it on Computer 2, and it just does NOT show up. Creating a scene using X-Particles and rendering with Team Render, causes my Team Render client (on Computer 2) to error out with a ‘‘this project is using a plugin that is not installed on this machine’’ nonsense.

I’ve actually made a little video explaining this in some more detail.

The Insydium FAQ ( https://insydium.ltd/support-home/faqs/frequently-asked-questions/ ) states that you should just be able to install Insydium onto ANY machine used as a render client and be good to go. But clearly that’s not happening for me here. (And yes, BOTH machines have an internet connection).

VERY grateful for any advice you can give me here!


This question may best be asked to Insydium support, as they know the source code and the used protocols.


Hey @legmog

Did you end up figuring this out? I have the same problem!!!