wrong link from guesbook entries


once more, sorry if I shouldn’t start new topics. Should I use the known issue thread or the initial rant thread for this?

Anyway, Not sure again if this is a known bug but I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere:
If I want to click on an user icon of someone who left a message in my guestbook it pulls the wrong link:

http://rebeccak.portfolio.cgsociety.org/ instead of http://rebeccak.cgsociety.org/


Post where you like; I’m pretty much camped out in this forum most of the time;


hehe okie :slight_smile:
something else: the links in the e-mail notification for both new blog entries or network requests are wrong, namely missing an “h”


instead of http://portfolio.cgsociety.org/manage/my_network.php?action=accept&action_id=160667


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