Writing out particle orientation?


Greetings CGP! I have a .bin cache that from ice that i have brought into Cinema 4d from Softimage, but the particles orientation didn’t make it through…
Is there anyway to write the particle orientation in the cache file? or can I only write the attributes in the rfbinExportData-node?


I’d like to help, but I don’t have access to C4D. You might get more responses over at www.si-community.com.


seems like a C4D question rather than softimage? If you read it back into C4D do you get the orientations?


Quick Update: It was a c4d issue, and we solved it by staying in XSI for the particle passes. :buttrock:
But it was indeed a c4d issue. Seems the data is there but isnt read by cinema. Same issue with alembic.
If the .bin importer wasn’t so damn unstable i would probably look into a way of solving it. For now keeping it in SI works, even if its a hassle with 2 parallel rendering/shading solutions.

Thanks anyway.


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