Writers write, Amin Faramarzian (2D)


Title: Writers write
Name: Amin Faramarzian
Country: Iran
Software: Photoshop
Submitted: 6th February 2015

I love writing and good writers, I wanted to somehow capture the feeling of intense creative writing! not sure how successful I was, but I enjoyed working on this piece. I went from sketch to shape and shades using dodge and burn tool combined with brush works and added the details afterwards. Hope you like :slight_smile:



My first thought when I saw your piece, was exactly that. :slight_smile:
Great job, great lighting, color, mood… and of course… story.

بهترین آرزوها :slight_smile:


Really admire the style and the concept. Love the way he is engrossed into his work.

Tones are amazing as well.

Kudos. :applause: :applause:


Love everything about this piece. Excellent composition!


Very Classic !!!


nice job amin. :beer:
عالیه مرد … :keenly: :keenly:


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