wow... really?


no one in this section??? lol.

hard to believe ICE is that unpopular on CGtalk.


Oh didn’t nobody tell you? its all about Maya these days…


yeah but I hear so much about how great ice is, and after using it, i agree. Shame that its so dead in here, hopefully now that autodesk poached all the ice developers into the maya team, we will see the fruits of that in my app of choice.


shame for all of us that Softimage was the app of choice though eh? The most active forum for ICE stuff is here come on over, all are welcome. some of us are clinging on to Softimage no matter how hard Autodesk try to shove Maya on us.


Softimage people are in XSIbase, the SI community forum linked above, mailing list, and several localized forums. See just for example how big is the Russian one:


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