wow. legacy status


someone must have been having a bad day. what’s up with the removal of the subsection from the main page?


Hi Mike,

sorry to say that but i believe somehow that EIAS users shoveled their own grave, if you know what i mean… :hmm:



Man on man. I take a sabbatical for a few weeks and I come back to this. :smiley:

I figured that in due time we’ll see what the community is really made up of. This Archiving or hidden forum is weird. I mean what other forums are people migrating to in general? Cgchannel? or others?


Well everyone, whilst not being the most prolific poster on either forum, I must say that the lack of communication from “them” has had the better of me. Having supported EIAS for the best part of the past 13 years, I’m in the process of moving my loyalty to another tool.
There are developers out there willing to communicate and involve you in their creative process, and that attitude alone makes a world of difference.
I guess that being more of a “still” person than an “animator” made my choice a bit easier, but there’s an new unbiased renderer out there called Thea which is really worth looking at. Instancing, displacement, ies support, multithreading, biased/unbiased choice of rendering engine, ease of use, material editor to die for, and still in beta stages… Oh, I forgot to mention the pricing…
I really thought that photon mapping in v8 was the first step towards a brand new world, I really did. But then I got bored, “reading” forums where nothing happened, wishing for that big announcement that would propel us to the top again, reaching the limits of my beloved software that helped me make a living for so many years… nothing, bugger all! The only thing left for me at this stage is a big void, a huge feeling of sadness… Well, that’s talking about EIAS, but then, there’s the new tool I just discovered which keeps me on my toes and helps me improve the quality of my work… Just what I needed!
There’s always hope in the end, and, unfortunately for some, the timing is just right.
Nevertheless I’m still tuned to see what will pop up from the new EIAS team (which I respect and support dearly).
Thanks for reading and maybe see you there…


guess cgsociety thought about it better and changed the section from legacy to “more” forums.

still doesnt change the fact that EIAS is now what us users would like them to be.


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