Would you share your Hackintosh experiences?


Hi everyone,

I was a 10 years of MacOS user. After back to 3D I had to build a PC with Windows 10. But after 6 months, I missed so much MacOS. I went back to Mac Laptop and worked on it for a while. But, I need PC hardware off course…

So, I have been looking for Hackintosh thing and I decided to stay away from it… But should I?

Because of that confusion I decided to hear people who use hackintosh on their PC.

could you share your 3D and production experiences on those machines please?

thank you.

CPU : AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950
Mainboard : Asus Prime X399-A
Graphic C. : 1080 TI


I would at least wait until WWDC which is only a month away—June 3rd.

It’s not impossible that Apple will reveal new pro solutions including both new monitors and the new Mac Pro.

I used to build PCs, back in the day but I am all in on MacOS now. I don’t “hate” Windows, but I certainly prefer MacOS and there is the aspect of having ONE eco system for phone, MacBook and Mac Pro.
I have a pimped out Mac Pro cheese grater that will carry me until the new Mac Pro is out. If the new computer becomes too expensive, I’ll reconsider my options.

A computer should be responsive and snappy. But raw performance isn’t everything. I just need to boot into Windows and spend 15 minutes there to immediately accept a 50% performance loss if I can only go back to Mac. Then again, if you’re basically just booting into one or two pro apps and then stay there (few interactions with the OS), then it won’t matter much what OS you’re on, as long as it shuts the hell up.

I’ve read many reports from Hackintoshers who have passed the honeymoon phase and later admit that it isn’t really worth it. They simply spend too much time on computer related stuff.

I used to like fiddling with the computer. I suspect many PC enthusiasts like it as well—like tweaking and optimising. But nowadays I want my workstation to be transparent and just get out of the way. My old Mac Pro never crashes of freezes despite rendering over weekends and such, That is worth a lot.


thank you for information (so late answer sorry). yes it seems that it takes tons of time. I could not decide to make that PC-Mac. still I can’t and when I wrote this message here I thought that I can build one hachintosh machine and work on it. I never thought that I will be working on Windows but, I did. I could not make hackintosh, I could not buy new mac so…I had to use windows.

Your note about “time” it is very very important actually. So instead of prepare and enter a hardware and software hell I decided to stay on a working machine…