Working on a chamagne tower


I’m finally getting around to simulating a champagne tower using the DeepFX plugin. (I planned this thing last year.)

First off I’m glad there are still online videos and documentation to help me set up the scene in Layout. Using texture environments with HDRI files will make previewing future models much easier. And I’m glad Lightwave has the specific camera settings I prefer to use, i.e. Nikon SLRs and Nikon lenses. I even discovered the Range Finder plugin to measure the focal distance for the camera.

As for the model, I don’t know if I can simulate the champagne flow with instanced glasses…or if I need to duplicate and stack the glasses manually.


Unfortunately my Lightwave 2020 either freezes or crashes from trying to set up this scene. I don’t know if it’s because it’s too heavy in polygons or something else.

Update: argghhh! It was the geometry of the champagne glasses! I thought they were fine but nope - I have to redo them. But I tried using the tray in the simulation and it’s accepted in the domain.


Basic set up works. Now I need to see if I can duplicate the glasses into a tower and simulate the flow again without crashing.