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The small game company I work for asked me an web site concept. It’s not my expertise, but I’m gonna do it since these sevice providers around here just use templates and pretend they attend the client’s needs.

I hope this thread help me get it done to fullfill our needs, improving HOW, and even WHAT, to communicate. I think it can also be usefull for others as well, following this evocative forum tendency of cgtalking about cognition.

A little about us

FourX is a brasilian software developer company that is looking to make new business and change focus to the games business, for what they are planing from more than 4 years. We already have business in the game industry, it’s important to make the image solid and reliable.

It’s major profits in the moment come from three softwares they had developed (cyber-cafe/lan management, cyber-cafe/lan security and self-teach typing).
There are some games in development and we are publishing the first one in Germany which I made the art:

The web site
Propose 1

I thought to apeal to the sense of awe and confort before abundant natural light entrance in great human constructions, like in airports or museums, for example. LINK

Some points:

But I was sugested to use an object as menu, but this broke my idea. I’m trying this way, but there is a long think for it. Well, it’s a WIP, then: LINK

I gave up global ilumination: LINK

Please drop a thought. I’m seeking sugestion in every aspect (technical too). I’ll be back soon.


I beleive this is the wrong forum to be posting webpage ideas in.


Really? You mean the web site part, or the purpose of “evocative” imagery?

If the problem is about web site, I should disagree because it is CG after all, and also a 3D image - the main focus of CGTalk. It is in a different media and context of the usual, and have dinamic contend over it, but… well, I think I made my point.

About “evocative”, I may had got it wrong, but I read Leigh’s guidelines carefully and thought it was right with it’s purpose (which is great). In fact my work shall focus not only in “emotions” per se, but also in function, since the second is intrinsic to the first in our jobs as artists, designers and comunicators.

Please if it is wrong or if it fits anywhere else at CGTalk, tell me. I’m really looking for talks, sugestions and critics.


I personally would have put it in the “Focused Critiques” forum. Because webpages personally, i wouldn’t think, evoke a whole lot of emotion.

About your work…

I like it when the text and the “heart” of the webpage is introduced, althought the actualy 3D Scenes themselves seem too simple (good thing though if your making them part of a webpage, too much eye movement, and making it hard to read text is a big problem.) overall i like it, i also like the idea behind it. Suggestion, to do 2 things: i think it might look cooler if you bump the contrast up a little above normal, not too much, but enough to be noticeable. or you could also tint it warm color (for the black text) and give teh image a gaussian blur enough so your eye isn’t so focused on the background. just suggestions, i like it though, so you don’t need to change it at all.


I’m back to this work.
You were right, the gaussian blur did a great job about eye direction:

[left] [/left]
[left]In the black wall to the left were going to be the menus (home/products/services/clients/partners/contact), but now… Well, I don’t know yet.[/left]


Ahh yes, that gaussian does alot for it. Good job.


I very much like the idea of a large expansive space and natural light, but your image does not seem to fully represent that. The space seems confined and I get the sense that I am in a tight area. Perhaps it is due to the straight on angle and the size of the elements in the picture. I think that the natural light would work better if it was filling a large space, perhaps seeing more of the rafters and floor space, smaller benches, and possible from a different angle to give a little more movement into the shot (the straight on shot just looks too boring). While the blur does help, I think you would be more successful using the light to cause the blur instead of bluring the entire scene, it seems too consistant.

It is kind of hard to say right now. I would like to see how the shot looks with forground elements (menus and such). But I still feel that the wide open space would serve you better than the constriction.

I just wanted to add that I think it is great that you have started a web site in the Evocative forum. I definately feel that a web site should cause strong feelings.


ic2xs originally wrote:

I personally would have put it in the “Focused Critiques” forum. Because webpages personally, i wouldn’t think, evoke a whole lot of emotion.

Hmm, I have to say I disagree with that statement. For example, when I visit Linda Bergkvist’s site(regular visits for me), it strikes me as very evocative. It’s a perfect showcase for her art. Maybe I’m crazy but I think evocative doesn’t just imply emotion, but also mood. Some websites, evoke a happy mood, others melencholy. Some are cold and detatched. They are in a sense the children of their creators. Like all parents, some produce good children, others bad.

I think it’s wonderful, someone, or for that matter anyone, should want to produce an evocative website. They’re going the extra mile, and for that they deserve applause.

Also I think it was very brave to post in this forum, it’s a tough forum, as is the focused critique forum. Takes a strong person to take strong criticism, and turn it into success.


your last image is very nice, its by far the best because it sets the environment very well as being calm and relaxed, like an airport tries to be (when airports aren’t going crazy they’re very quiet soft places). I would suggest using the last background and use some translucent interface on top of it to bring the content to the foreground better…

I just feel the image is perfect for this kind of interface…some suttle movement of the layers would really sell the depth of the image as well…

I definitely have to agree that websites are more artwork nowadays then ever before. So much mood and atmosphere can be put into an interactive environment. I definitely try to design the layout of my websites with more than just function in mind. I guess its like photography, no one will accept it as art for a 100 years (actually there are already webart expose’ all the time). Joshua Davis is awesome check out www.once-upon-a-forest.com its all artwork generated with flash scripting…


Hi ivankio, I sell web templates on-line. They’re are all done by seasoned professionals. Even if you’re not into buying, have a look to get a feel for a well designed layout.


If you have any questions, send them to contact@mycodesoft.com.


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