WIP: Trampy


That head is alot better. I like it more as well.


The head looks much better! Can you post a larger image of the head or just a closer shot. Preferrably with the splines showing, too. You can just do a screen capture of you model in shaded wireframe, in case you aren’t able to render a shaded wireframe to file like most people can’t.



Thanks. Here’s a screen grab of the head, not a pretty mesh I know. Is there some reason why people have circular splines running from the nose around the mouth and others have vertical ones like me coming down from the eyes?.. Does it allow for better control over the nose geometry? Also what’s the deal with the tartan render when you render shaded wireframe? First time I tried it that’s funky…lol


srry here’s the pic …hard to get half decent copy under 20 000…lol


I don’t know if it helps either way. I usually model both ways. Depends on how i feel at the time, or the shape of the head :).

Looking at your splines I think you should try to get more smoothness between cps. Just keep tweaking them until you get a smooth running spline. Most modeling is the tweaking after making it.


Got more of the clothing done. Is there an easier way to do hair than using the guides? I can’t seem to get it to look right. Any and all help would be appreciated.


Wohoo I figured out the hair, also added eyes and more materials.


Wow, she is really coming along. She should settle down. She’s got good birthin’ hips ;).


Settle down? How could she do that and still keep all the dwarfs happy? I’ve started rigging her, first time I’ve tried to rig. I’m experiencing a pretty major problem and could use help. Is there a way to constrain the under garments so they don’t pop through the skirt when I bend her? I think I’m going to have to use fans on the shoulders but luckily the knees seem to be behaving ok. Any help would be great



Wow, she really came out very nice. I love the blue eyeshadow, nice touch! It’s good to get a better look at her. I know Schlitzy’s been keeping his eye on her, too.:beer: He thinks she knows how to party.




I’ve potested finished render here http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?threadid=100193 it wouldn’t let me have duplicate pic posts


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