WIP [Tim Burton] - [Murc XIII]


I’m gonna try to make Tim Burton…

I’ve actually never made a face before in 3d, so this’ll be something new for me.


I’m kinda scared to post this, cause it’s so bad…

Started working on it, I’m not very far yet. I still have LOTS of tweaking to do, as well as finishing the rest of the face. Like I said, this is my first face ever, so please bear with me…


some tweaking and some building

I’m not really happy with it like this, I don’t think it looks much like Tim. Any ideas on what I should change to make it look more like him? Thanks!

EDIT: these are the glasses I tried to make:


Great work so far. I am having a hard time with mine too. Wish we could add the name of who we are doing at the end of the contest because I think mine is looking like someone else as well;)

The fun thing with caricatures is exaggerating unique areas of the characters face.
I would really hit hard on a few areas…
His nose has a tip that really hangs/hooks down an inch below his nostrils.
The shape of his face is almost egglike (rounded tip at his chin).
Really sleepy eyes.
And the hair!!!
I really like the picture with him and the martian as reference.

Good luck!


That’s a good start. I wouldn’t worry about those glasses yet, focus on the face, namely the stuff that thekamps suggested. It also looks like he has one of heck of an underbite. You might want to pull that in a little bit. Oh, and you might want to post a wire, that might get some more suggestions. I also have to admit that I’m struggling with my Arnold too. I’ve done a fair amount of work so far but nothing that I’m ready to post. Anyway, keep up the good work, his face certainly has a lot of promise :thumbsup:



Thanks for the replies! I’m working right now to add the stuff you guys mentioned.


Did what you guys suggested and included a wire this time:


New update notes:
-only the front half of the head is modeled so far, so it looks kinda funny right now
-The ears will be mostly covered up with hair, so they look kinda funny




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