WIP: Thug-E


ok here is my 8th dwarf. he’s a gangsta rapper. anyone have any advice on how to model braids? he might get his own boombox to plug his mic into, maybe something with a “fisher-price” look to it. he has gold front teeth with the letters S and W, representing the SnowWhite Posse.



Mike Muncy has a braided rope model at the animation pit stop for download.

Could save you some time or provide insight?!
And you have to have those gold front capped teeth;)
Great sketch.


haha ! Very good idea and sketch.


thekamps: thanks for the link, that might work, but the rope looks more twisted than actually braided. oh yeah, and he will definitely have shiny gold fronts!

modernhorse: glad you like the concept, now to see if i can actually pull it off

here is the start of my model.



Looking good, kungfudork! I wish I could get some time to start modelling.



Seems to be going quickly for you. Looking nice so far.


ok, got some more of the model done. i’m still not sure about the upper face. the idea now is to have the eyes and eyelids be seperate mesh from the face, but i’ve never done it that way…so i’m not sure if it will work out. i forgot to make the realtime views a higher quality for my screengrab. anyway, thanks for all the comments! now on to the update:



well, i’ve redone the top of his face about a kazillion times! tried to model the eyelids into the mesh, now i am definitely going to use external eyes and eyelids. so, now he has shoes,hat, and hands. next i need to make his jersey(white with red trim). then it will be time for the details. i am still dreading the braided beard! thanks for any comments!

oh yeah, i found a work around for shaded wireframe renders. someone mentioned it earlier and it worked for me. i have a geforce2MX 32MB ram graphics card. i found that by switching to direct3D i can render more than just “final” quality, but for modeling and animating i have to be in OpenGL mode, otherwise it does some crazy stuff onscreen. hope this helps someone out there.


I like it a lot! Nice clean mesh, kungfudork. And those sneakers are “adorable”. Nice work!



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