WIP: Tardy Dwarf


Wow what a ton of progress! Hes looking great:applause:
But what does "A REAL DOGS’ BREAKFAST! " mean?
Maybe im just out of touch with the rest of the world but that’s a new one for me.


LOL - Dog’s breakfast was a polite way of saying the render wasn’t what I’d expected. It is an English expression for a (scuse me) “pile of steaming crap”

Why’d I use it? I had the file sorted fine, everything unhidden then I pressed render - suddenly whole sections where missing, bits seemed cut away etc etc.

I still have sorting out to do - most of the image maps have translated into colour settings ( I had specularity, transparency etc etc) but 9.5 seems to have re-written them.

I feel like I’m 2 steps on but a whole lotta steps back at same time.

Off now, posting more “progress” tommorrow!


He is looking awesome. You really got him looking Rasta. I love the look.


Got my zip drives home, fired up AM and…

all my image map details had been wiped. Well, I am working with version 9 so my own risk, I knew the dangers of relying on version 9.

Taking a break today to clear the head, breathe some deep breaths and mutter into the wind.

Version 9.51e on both machines - PC at work and Mac at home. If I don’t show up again before the dealine - May I take this opportunity to wish all remaining contestants the best of luck!


came in after thinking some deep peaceful thoughts to start afresh, turn the pc on (9.51e on my mac won’t open the files properly) and…

a screen death…

3hrs and one new video card later here’s what I’ve done today.

My deadline is tonight - any news on “the Set” yet?


Looks very good, despite your computer troubles! Hang in there! I’m looking forward to seeing how far you can go!

I love the wool socks.



anyone know why a PC would just sort of “hang?”

does it get clogged up and need clearing out somewhere? I work with Macs mainly buT was given a PC (so’s I could learn XSI)

one good side of my problems (just having shut Task Manager down TWICE at the wall switch) is I get a couple hours tommorrow, maybe get a pose done…

Might be able to make one last post tonight. If no luck tommorow or I have to wipe everything - may I say again -



last for tonight… hopefully not the last for the comp…?

01- pose to do
02- whiskers to blend in/out
03- eyebrows

have I forgotten anything?

04 - wipe hard disk and ie-install everything! :applause:


I love the textures. Expesially the rope and the socks.


I realy like his body shape! I can imagine the way that he would walk, all loose and floppy. You are doing phenominaly well dispite your evident technical problems.

Oh, I agree, that rope texture is realy good. Good luck!


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