WIP: Tardy Dwarf


The page comes up, but both movie links are broken…at least on my end…I get the “broken Quicktime” icon after a few seconds.


weird, they worked just fine for me.
#2 gets my vote.


Can’t get them either. I just get the broken icon as well.


I can see them. I think I still like #2 the best.


I like #2 also.



C’mon Hooch spill it!!!


I was sat working on my PC when I noticed a heckler chucking a rotten tomato at me…

yeeeesh Doug!

C’mon Hooch spill it!!!

I’m going with #2 but have a horrible, horrible feeling I may some point be -retro- translating the 2001 rig if I don’t find one that’ll run with 8.5… especially if I want to enter any more competitions

OK, I’ll post a texture progress wip next, just lay off the smelly eggs Doug, OK?


OK, I’ll post a texture progress wip next

you’d better … oh sorry I’m not the boss of you.

Can’t you do your own rig? I mean how hard can it be? Just kidding, but really how intense does the rig have to be for this challenge? Is it just enough to pose it well or does it have to be animation-ready?

Can you tell its a Friday around here? Sheesh, i’d better get something done today.


Hey Doug,
I seem to remember we agreed in the rules discussion that the dwarf should have a common rig so in that particular case it was the 2001 rig chosen.

Going to try making sure the dwarf is animation ready…


Friday? does that mean you’re letting me out of my chains for the weekend?:applause:


the rules discussion that the dwarf should have a common rig so in that particular case it was the 2001 rig chosen.

I’m sick of it!! The man, Wegg comin’ down on us with all his rules.

Well, I guess I’d better get that rig. Rigging scares the pee outta me.

And a solid NO leaving the building until your update is posted. :stuck_out_tongue:


Still a bit rough at some of the seams - might try small displacement maps for the wrinkles but it REALLY SLOWS THINGS DOWN

can I go home now? My Photoshop brushes are all on my Mac at home…


Diffuse and Displacement maps. “Bumps” killed off.

now, quit with the rotten tomatoes Doug, I’m “rigging” (I shall walk out as Artistically as possible now…)


All right!! Great stuff. I love the wrinkles. And how did you do the veins on the arm? Is that texture or modeled?

hehe sorry for the badgering. Now get outta there!


That is nice textureing! You made that with displacement maps? That looks excellent.


first truly MAJOR problem… patches not showing up when rendering!

seem to have hit a number of image maps problem when trying renders from the modelling window. It could also be that this model is patch heavy simoultaneously (did I spell that right?)

I’m decalling in 8.5
Main modelling done in 9.5 - 3900+ patches

Here’s example of this problem - was trying to get the whiskers done. Looked great on my Mac last night but on my Pc -

A REAL DOGS' BREAKFAST! And the targas aren't showing up right now. I'll try in 9.5 and see how that goes.


still had capitals on…

Zaryin and Modernhorse - yes, I used Decals (such an American word!) I’ve yet to successfully “blend” out the displacement maps even with alpha channels. Nasty seams at the decal edge.


well, AM has made the decision for me! Always wondered what the patch limit and image mapping limits where in 8.5 and I hit them with Tardy Dwarf…

here’s the same file rendered out in 9.5

This also now means the model will only be useable from version 9.0 upwards…

Ah well! sigh!:thumbsdow

now to work on those whiskers a bit more!


if I don’t sleep for the next 72 hours I may get this done!

whiskers!! aaaaargggghhhhhh!


HA! Love those socks!!! I think the hair on the hands is a great touch. And I think the overall proportions are wonderful.

Are you going to accesorize him? Or will time dictate that?


some things are taking surprisingly longer than I thought!

accessories… 1st ears now accessories! you guys are killing me!

I have to stop Thursday, then I’m off to where I have no Internet access so that’s MY cut-off point.

que? I uploaded but it ain’t showing?

honestly won’t get him ready in time but I’ll push as far as it’ll go.

Textures are all shiny at present but will muddy up and grunge later (while rigging)