WIP: Tardy Dwarf


Excellent likeness to sketch!! Woohoo. Great work Hooch.


at the beginning of today, I had 4 spare hours ahead- woohoo (to quote the Admirable Doug Horning)

well, after a little while paid work took over again but here’s the next stage- promise the ears are on the way tonight later.



Again, I really like the detail you’re adding to the clothes. He’s coming along great! I like the stylization to the arms but they don’t seem long enough right now, or there doesn’t seem to be an elbow area. Otherwise, very nice!



This is looking good so far. I agree with Jim in that the arms look a little short. The clothing creases are nice. I still can’t do that with much success.


Thanks for the feedback Jim and Zaryin. Here’s the mesh so far, greyed him out so I can now see what needs re-modelling or tweaking. Ears added and socks to add final detail.

I’ll have a look at the arms but if I may, I did test-rotate the arms so I was happy enough with the length. Tell you what, I’ll post a flyround quicktime this afternoon so you can decide for me?



Zaryin - wasn’t sure if you where pulling my leg after all the complaints I made about how creasing affects some of my models when modelled in low patch mode.

This guy is about 3700 patches so far - haven’t started on mouth details like teeth, gums and tongue yet.

Had a laugh at your question though! You cheered my morning right up.
Ta!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


LOL, no I was serious! I really have trouble getting those “natural” looking creases and fold into clothing and yours looks really good so far.

So far my clothing is basically a bunch of tubes :). I’ll be posting an update of mine and you can see my tube clothes so far, haha.


not happy with the look of the choreog in version 9.5 so I’ll take the file home and render out in version 8.5


never tried this before but here’s the tardy model rotated so if there’s any opinion about the model please let me know?

(forgot to add - cinepak codec quicktime… 1.1mb)

ooooooooooooh. crossing EVERYTHING… just tested after a disaster so I hope this works now. Apologies if you get pop-ups…
Anyone know how to place a link in the centre of a page?

Zaryin - would it help if I posted some images of how I did the creases or maybe posted you a couple sequential .zip files??


Please don’t change the arms. I love them. Sort of Popeye-ish. Very diff and gives him great character.

Also dig the clothes. Nice rope on the pants. You’re catching up to Talbotski. Man, such nice work.


Doug, my jaw is on the floor…

I only just fixed the movie link after some technical advice. Felt that someone was peering over my shoulder… you watching what I’m doing?

WOW! Doug, you’re the man!

You’re catching up to Talbotski.

thanks Doug but I’d rather all the pressure & expectation stayed on Jim (Sorry Jim) that way Tardy can sneak up on his drunk dwarf and nick his schlitz…!



Beautiful model! He looks solid and has great stylization. I really like the socks, kind of a Grinch look to them! Very original feel to him all over.:thumbsup:

My concern about the arms isn’t about the look of them, I like the style of them also. I just thought the upper arm looked too short (if the big bulge is meant to be the forearm, and not the elbow area). Right now, he might not be able to do the things you have him doing in your sketches.

After seeing the 360 spin clip, I know why he’s tardy…he’s got a wedgie slowing him down. :wink:

Nice job! I’m looking forward to seeing him textured.



that’s not a wedgie Jim, that’s a schlitz stuck down there…:scream:

anyone know how to put a link in the middle of a screen? right now, the pop-ups cover it…

OK - here’s two shots at the arms first simply placed further out from the body

then the original

will post one with lengthened biceps next…


well here’s the biceps lengthened. I’m finding it hard to move them out too far as I think it’ll look silly too long.

However, I’m truly open to suggestion!


Excellent! I think the arms are great now. Just that little length helped out alot.

If you want to post a wire. That would be all I need to see. Thanks for the help with my wrinkles :).


I like the longer arms, also. Just my opinion, though.



as a slight difference-

my boss suggested this…

Hey Zaryin - wasn’t reading your mind but it SHOULD be a shaded wireframe capture!

Any good?

Jim… your opinion I respects quite a bit! Ta for your advice.


Wow. Do you really need all that splinage for wrinkles sigh that’s probably why I suck at wrinkles, lol. Thanks ofr the wire. Just looking at it gives me some ideas.


hi Zaryin, tired and about to go home but here’s the socks for you

hope that helps.



OK, now I have a problem and I need critique help…

two movies of the two versions of arm length for your review here
Sorry if there’s pop-ups - I have somehow placed a table with the two movie options on my index page. Let me know your opinions please.

Movie 1 - shorter arms but more “popeye” forearms…
Movie 2 - longer arms, less popeye forearm mass (if that makes sense?)
Oh yes… Movie 2 - I got some black dots in my .tga sequence…
AM vs8.5L
While you make your mind up, I’m going to start texturing…