WIP: Tardy Dwarf


Well! :eek:

Go away for a weekend and the competition is already in full swing so I guess my dwarf will live up to my name - Tardy Dwarf.

Early idea - half dressed, desperately clutching at papers always late to meetings and never quite there on time. Wait a minute! That’s too true to life…

Will try to get some sketches & a WIP site up as soon as I can sign up a freebie website. (or that wonderful tremendous Doug Horning comes to my rescue…):eek:

tired… hope this works.


oh you flatter me … :stuck_out_tongue:

follow the link for Tardy Dwarf sketch.


Awesome sketch! I love the style.


Fantastic sketch, can’t wait to see the model.


thanks for the complements guys! drew him up while having to do other stuff so I’m not fully taken with him yet.
I’ll try to post some model-sheet type drawings and maybe that’ll give me the spur I need to like him.

Needs more “character” I think first.:hmm:

OK, here’s another version.

modelsheets tonight I think.!


another version - I like the facial hair and now I think I’m begginning to like this guy.
Feel the urge to complete now…


I am really digging the style of your sketches.
But, does he get ears?

Cant wait to see this guy though.



But, does he get ears?


Good thing I checked one last time before going home…


Oh wow! That is cool and very different. I reeeally dig the totally laid back look of this guy … it fits his always being tardy thing. He’s late and he couldn’t give a rats arse. Cool.


it fits his always being tardy thing. He’s late and he couldn’t give a rats arse.

thanks Doug!
you opened my eyes there too, I brought something else into this dwarf that I hadn’t originally meant but the character name remains.

Well here’s my final version for review. I’d like feedback if possible so that I can now really get cracking.
Feel… everyone… slipping… ahead… can’t… catch… up…



Wow! Great sketch and character! Looks like you have it all figured out. I say start modeling!



wow, catch up time!

bad news is I left my AM 8.5 disc at work rendering out. “good” news is I was able to re-install AM9.0 at home and I had the old 9.51e installer somewhere so here’s what I managed so far-

simple colour groups - ears are on the way.


And here’s the upper body so far.


Cool stuff, hoochoochoochoo! He looks great. I really like the details of the clothing. How are you going to do the whiskers? Hair material? Cookie cut maps?



Looking great. Can’t wait to see how you’re gonna handle those whiskers too. Man you’re fast!!


I was kind of leaving worrying about the whiskers as long as possible but you’re both right guys - though I tried to design them as simple as possible.
I have a feeling I’ll go witha combination of geometry & maps with some fur.
haven’t had much luck with fur before so I don’t want to risk it too much now. The problem will be a toony looking dwarf with realistic hair/fur.

groan… (should’a given him dreadlock whiskers too!)


Looks good! very good likeness to sketch. I really like the style of your sketches. Do you have a web page with more of your work?


Looking Good!
I really like the shirt.
and my $.005 on the whiskers thing would be for cookie cutter maps but then again half a penny doesn’t go too far.




Dagoos wrote

Do you have a web page with more of your work?

Sorry, never really had time and most of my sketches and artwork is confidential type work. (sorry, i mean someone pays for my work and it goes into shelves/storage once things are made from it)



only crash I’ve had was with the CD version of 9.0 (select whole mesh to copy - kaboom, frozen desktop!) I was duplicating the modelled half of the face mesh to flip.

latest stage since then - (still a,long way to go)