WIP Submissions #AMDCreators Power & Speed Animation Contest 2021



In the spirit of community engagement we encourage you to submit your WIP videos here to celebrate, support and feedback with other members of our artistic community.

Thank you!


コミュニティー全体で楽しめるように、制作途中動画(WIP videos)をこちらのWIPスレッドに提出し、芸術性溢れるコミュニティーメンバーと共に称え合い、支え合い、フィードバックを送り合いましょう。

•コンテストに提出したい作品を必ず [作品提出スレッドの最終提出](Final Submissions-#AMDCreators Power&Speed Animation Contest 2021)の指示に従ってアップロードしてください。

•そして、自分のCG Societyポートフォリオにも入っている事をご確認ください。


#AMDCreators Power & Speed 3DCG アニメーションコンテスト2021 – 規定と概要
Introductions & Discussions #AMDCreators Power & Speed Animation Contest 2021
START HERE: #AMDCreators Power & Speed Animation Contest 2021 – Rules & Info

Here is my WIP for the contest.

Right now I just need to do a little more modelling, texturing and lighting and it will be ready to render.


Nice to see the post! I look forward to seeing future updates!


Here is a test render frame, I’m nearly ready for the final render.


So I also decided to join the contest :slight_smile: here is some WIP shots, not much time from now so I decided to create whole animation in reatime


And here’s my attempt.



This is really cool! I can’t wait to see it in motion!


Love the ligting and the design of the shots! I can’t wait to see this animated!


I had notime for this work…


very cool!:muscle::muscle::muscle: